SOOOOOO bummed! Anyone else?

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  1. Swank, so sorry to hear that...was it the one on sale? or a newer version?
  2. oh man, sorry! maybe you can snag one on ebay? that's where i got mine...
  3. Maybe they were already sent...and they are the defective ones?

    I'm so sorry! Was it great deal? I think you can find them other places.

    Good luck!
  4. Awww--I completely understand your disappointment! I HATE it when that happens! (Had a similar experience with Cult Status in Australia.)

    I hope you can find another bag somewhere soon!!!
  5. oooohhhh that suck I would cry too!!!!!Can you find the bag somewhere else????
  6. I'd be disappointed too! What a let-down.:sad:
  7. That sucks :cry: You'll be lucky to hear from them again. I've been having...issues with LVRs CSR with an average email response time of 5 business days. :evil:
  8. I'm sorry to hear that.
  9. I'm sorry about your bag, and I'm really glad that you stuck up for yourself.
  10. Oh. sorry to hear that! Hopefully, you'll be able to find a Phoebe elsewhere. If I see any, I'll be sure to let you know! By the way, what does "LVR" stand for?
  11. It was around $300 USD - an AMAZING deal!!!! It'd be very hard to find another from a reputable sourse BRAND NEW for that price.:cry:

    LVR stands for Luisa Via Roma.
  12. that's too bad. Do you think there actually was a defect?
  13. thats so stink! ***hugs***
  14. Swankymama, I too have that problem and am awfully upset and disappointed. I posted under the Chloe forum "How long for LVR to reverse charges" or something to that effect.

    My order was on Saturday for the Chloe Paddy in Chocolate. Got their email last nite (Aussie time, that is), pretty much the same one as you, that garbage about defect from the supplier. I rang them and spoke with Christina who said there's actually a glitch in their website where items that are sold out continue to show up as available. You know what the worst thing is??? The Choc Paddy is still on their website now as "available"!!! I mean, c'mon! You'd think that as soon as you find out it's glitchy you'd halt the website or fix it, right?? So, I'm sure there are ppl right now placing orders for stuff that's already sold out.

    I asked Christina when I'll see my refund but she's not sure!! Can u beat that? So, here I am, no bag, no money, with come half cocked explanation that really doesn't soothe any of my contempt for them right now.

    I'm so sorry that you too had been affected by their glitchy system. I so had my heart set on the choc paddy and I've been hunting high and low for it. I really do share your angst.

    Please let me know when they credit your CC.
  15. I saw an Oak last week in Saks in Boston if that helps any. They had a good selection so may have what you want. [SIZE=-1](617) 262-8500[/SIZE]
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