SOOOOOO bummed! Anyone else?

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  1. :sad2: I got an e-mail from LVR this morning :

    I often have 2nd thoughts after I make a decision so quickly, but not this time. I've been SOOO looking forward to receiving this bag {Mulberry Phoebe}, I seriously could just cry!!!!:cry:
    Did anyone else get this?
  2. SOOOOOOOOO Sorry!
  3. Awwww i'm so sorry, that is a bummer.
  4. How disappointing. Never ordered from them...what bag were you attempting to purchase?
  5. :sad2: The Chocolate Mulberry Phoebe.
    I'm getting more and more mad and sad as I sit here. I just read the thread that prompted us all to go to LVR and people who ordered AFTER me are getting their bags!:evil: :cry: :cry: :cry:
  6. that sucks
  7. it SUCKS!!!!!
    I just responded to them, I couldn't control my sugar-coated snarkiness!

  8. Ooooh no, that's terrible! Sorry!:cry:
    Mind you, i think i was the 2nd from here to buy and apparently i got the last one available...?:blink:
  9. Oh, how ironic. I just read that LVR thread and yep, all gone. But why does that email state there were some defects with the supplier? What does that mean??:blink:
  10. I don't know . . . I just hope they pull one out of thin air, I've been wanting this bag for soooo long.
  11. That's so disappointing! :sad:
  12. awww, that sucks :sad:. hopefully one will turn up!
  13. I'm hoping! Thanks gals!

    I e-mailed them back and expressed my disappointmnet and said no thank you to their weak and offensive offer of a less valuable bag. I told them if they can't make my order right by offering me that bag that made it through check out and they accepted payment for then I wanted a refund immediately. I told them I'd accept it in chocolate or oak.
    I'm not expecting good news from them, but I'm hoping!
  14. swanky im so sorry that totally bites
  15. Well good for you for sticking up for yourself. I would so bummed too and I think you did the right thing! You deserve it! Now let's see how great their CS is! Be sure to keep us posted.