SOOOOOO banned for life.... a reveal

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  1. I was drooling over these bags in Vegas, but thought the price was a bit high. Then a couple of weeks ago I was drooling again at Holt's in Vancouver and found out the Canadian price with tax was about $200 cheaper than the US with tax.....
    anyone ready for a reveal????:graucho:
  2. always ready
  3. welcome.....
    won't drag it out too much.

    Copy of hath 008.JPG
  4. here
  5. any guesses????:nuts:

    here's a hint......

    Copy of hath 009.JPG
  6. give us more!
  7. here he is, my new sidekick.....

    Copy of hath 004.JPG

    Copy of hath 003.JPG

  8. Oooh nice! COngrats!
  9. Here are a couple of interior shots. This bag is SOOOO roomy..:yahoo::yahoo:

    Copy of hath 002.JPG

    Copy of hath 007.JPG
  10. Modeling pics pls! :biggrin:
  11. Congratulations. Very nice! :biggrin:
  12. He is so comfy to carry.... handheld, shoulder or cross body..... Obviously, the rest of my small collection is pouting as they have been relegated to their dust bags!!!!!!
  13. it is raining outside here this morning, so i will try for some modelling pics later!!!!!
  14. Gorgeous! It looks super comfy. Congrats!
  15. GORGEOUS! Congrats!