soooooo annoyed with weichert... (sorry this is long)

  1. So I was supposed to close on my new condo last Friday, the 23rd. It didn't happen because my mortgage company (Weichert) didn't tell me they needed additional documentation until Monday (the 19th). They couldn't send my application to the state until after I faxed them the documentation. WTF?! They've been dealing with my account since April, I gave them all the documentation they were asking for in May AND I called them almost every day the week before I was supposed to close to make sure they didn't need anything. The first thing that held back my application was that they couldn't get employment verification from my job (they told me they needed this back in the middle of May), but no one called me to let me know that they couldln't get in touch with anyone until about 2-3 weeks ago. I finally got verification faxed over on the 13th and they didn't "review the file" until the 15th. Long story short, everything got processed today with the state. Now they're just waiting for my credit report, which could take up to one day to do. One day?! I feel like they're taking their time with this and delaying everything on purpose. I'm so stressed because I have to be out of my apartment by Friday, and I still have to get new carpeting put in before I
    move. The funny thing is, that the seller's realtor is from Weichert also. I'd think that since she was from that company, she'd try to move things along for her client since her client is moving to New Mexico and is sleeping on an airbed at the condo.

    Plus I'm so tired today...I worked 16 hours last night and only got about 3 hours of sleep because I've been calling that $*#@ mortgage company all day trying to follow up with them. I'm working again tonight for 12 hours and I'm in charge. I'm half tempted to just call out. Ok, maybe I'll just take a nap now. Thanks for listening to my long rant. *sigh* Has anyone else had this problem with their mortgage company?
  2. You poor thing, I'm going through real estate drama myself right now - but with the seller and not the financing - something to look forward to next I guess!

    I hope this works out for you :flowers:

    Keep us posted :yes:
  3. Soooo sorry! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. Good luck!
  4. i'm so sorry! that really sucks! i remember when we closed on my house everything and anything that could hinder the closing did.. i think it's just part of buying a new place it never goes smoothly!
  5. How terrilbe! I hop everything works out for you!
  6. thanks, ladies...everything worked out. i'll be closing tomorrow...did the walk-through inspection earlier today and the seller even gave me the key already so i can start moving my stuff in tonight!

    plus i scored a great white/python chanel was a good day...