SOOOOO, what did you all do/buy while off TPF??

  1. Did you all suffer like I did? It was horrible, the longest day and half ever....
    Anyways, I received my black patent paddy and it was gorgoues but I wasn't INLOVE, so my close friend was so eagerly ready to take the great deal....

    Anyways, now seriously contemplating the elvire hobo in Patent and eyeing black double buckle black chloe boots one eBay. I have the same boots in brown and I LOVE them. Starting bid is $799 and BIN is $879. Kinda pricey considering the Saks sale right now!

    Soooooo, what have you all been upto, and what kinda damage did you do?
  2. OMG!
    I actually worked :yucky:
  3. I was wondering why you weren't posting pics of the Paddy? Sorry you didn't feel the love also how cool is it that you have a friend to take purses off your hands. I have a girlfriend who's an antique nut and over buys. I can't tell you how many treasures I bought from her overflow.

    Anyway I too missed tPF and I did buy those Chloe mules during the hiatus.
  4. Couldn't stay away from Chloe, even with tPF down, so I shopped at Saks and got a pair of Chloe boots at 30% off.
    It was a tough period of time without tPF. Had to do something.....LOL
  5. I actually decided to really clean house, since I couldn't chat, and found my two toned Tracy, that I haven't carried in ages. So I feel like I got something new because I keep starring at her like I've never seen her!
  6. Oh my goodness ... I have been PF-pining!

    No purchases but I actually did paid work. :shame: It was so boring!
  7. OMG, I was experiencing serious withdrawal without tPF! LOL. Was longing on every hour just to check if it was back online! It didn't help that I had two days off! Argh! So glad to be back! Did anyone read the messages left on the blog while tPF was down? Some serious tPF addicts here! :nuts:

    Went chloe window shopping! Not a lot of new stock here. Even the older stock are still outrageously expensive here! Sigh...
  8. LOL me too! i just kept refreshing the page every five minutes to see if it had come back online. The worst thing is, I kept thinking of stuff i wanted to search for and now I can't remember what any of it was!
  9. :true: I've been working all the time, without the possibility of a nice stop.
    I realized I'm a bit addicted....
    No shopping for me, luckily. Now finally, we're together again!
  11. I too was in withdrawl. Didn't buy anything though! (well, purse-related... I bought lots of Bath and Body works C.O. Bigelow goodies lol).
  12. I was doing a lot of house decorating shopping on line - no purchasing, however. Had to keep my obsessive shopping mania fed. Also - I paid close attention to those wonderful shows: Dancing with the Stars and The Bachelor. Yikes - there - I admitted I watch them!
  13. I actually bought my very first paddy yesterday! :yahoo:
  14. from what everyone has said so far (and taking into account the messages that appeared on the blog while tPF was down), I draw the following conclussions:
    1) it promoted spending
    2) it had a positive effect on households with regard to cleanliness and tidyness
    3) it promoted unusual activities
    4) it made DHs realise how important tPF is for our and their psychological wellbeing...
    I am so glad this is working again...! I don't know anyone here who loves bags as much as I do (except for my Mum, but she is into different brands and I can' really tell her what I am spending)...
    Have a great day!

  15. Congrats!!! Can't wait to see pics:nuts:...