SOOOOo Mad!!!!

  1. I ordered a small betty black tote from a SA at Saks in Atlanta over the phone. I made SURE it was the betty...well apparently to her betty means edith..and now i have a black edith sitting on my tv room floor...I am SOOOOOO mad!! I was so excited to open the box..and to my surprise it was the edith instead of the I probably can't even locate another small black betty tote!!!:cursing::cursing::cursing:
  2. That's horrible!!!!!!:cursing: It's not going to be easy trying to find a black betty now! Those guys at Saks should get you one!
  3. Sorry to hear, I know your disappointment, I had a similiar thing happen about a year ago, I ordered a Black Edith and got a Black Gladys, I guess some SA's don't really know the bags they are selling. Maybe they should go to "Handbag 101"--good luck in your search, your bag is out there somewhere.
  4. Aw, I am sorry to hear this. I have seen a few large bettys on sale at the Arcadia (CA) Nordstrom if you change your mind .
  5. Talked with Katie at Nordstrom's 410-296-2111 x 1250 on my search for a Jade paddy, she said she could do a search for any bag I was looking for, it might be worth a try to find your Betty, if there is one at any Nordstroms, she could find it.
  6. Thanks guys :smile: I will try calling least I feel a bit better...she is sending the courier to pick it up from my apt instead of having me go into the store to return it or mail it back
  7. Carmen82 - sorry to hear about that! I'd be plenty p.o'd too! :cursing: Hope you get it resolved...
  8. I hate when sales people don't listen. I would also be screaming mad. Hopefully they can resolve the problem and get you what you want.
  9. Ya today I also received another edith instead of a silverado :sad: but I'm less upset now because I received 2 python silverados and a chain blk betty in the mail today that are gorgeous ;)