Sooooo, I'm thinking of buying my second Bbag! Need some help though! :)

  1. I want to buy a nice one for the summer, so I was thinking of a nice, light bag, (smaller than a city) and also a lighter colour. The only one I have atm is the black city, which I loooove. Anyway, I would just like some opinions as to what bag you'll be carrying this summer :smile:
  2. Definitely my EB GSH City! I can't wait for winter to me over here in my part of the world!! It's still cold out there! Also my 05 Magenta that I haven't had the chance to use!
  3. Maybe a magenta or sky blue first?
  4. I am going to carry my Sky Blue GSH and my BBG GGH City! That doesn't stop me from wanting 2 or 3 more!
  5. Magenta Twiggy!! I am sooooo in :love: with mine!! Or, a Magenta First if you're looking for something even smaller.
  6. How about a cute little yellow'ish' colored First? :drool:
  7. Go for a SANDSTONE Twiggy!!! Or a EB Twiggy or a Magenta Twiggy or a.....

    lol~~~ those are the three I'd choose from!
  8. I hate making such huge decisions. Lol, being a student I can't afford too many bags. But, I am loving the sound of a yellow or magneta or blue bag. I like the green ones too, seafoam and pistachio. Jeesh :sad: I'm gonna go take a look at some pics lol
  9. I think Electric Blue City would be perfect!
  10. Or, what about a nice red?
  11. ^^There will be: "bordeaux" this fall '08?
  12. ooooo bordeaux this fall?!! im thinking of getting my 2nd bbag too this year (I HOPE) and if i decide to go for something with color, it would have to be a dark blue or a dark red =)
  13. Go for a FIRST in any bright colors.
  14. I think "Crimson" .... hoping it'll be another Bordeaux :p
  15. If you want a small bag, maybe the First is what you're looking for? A lighter color? How about EB?? Would look great in the summer!