Sooooo excited!!!

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  1. I just got a brand new, never used cabas mezzo from a consignment store that has me on a list whenever they get LV's in. I have the cabas piano but its way to small for my needs now. I have been wanting a neverfull since I want a large tote but hate that is doesn't zip now I have the perfect shoulder bag!! Yay!! :smile:
  2. I can't wait for your reveal since I'm
    Eyeing one too ;) please let me know
    how u like it !
  3. Hey girl!!! So jealous!!! Post Pics when you get your bag! ;)
  4. Pictures! Pictures!
  5. Thank you!! I have it now and i LoVe it! but there is some weird glitch on here and I can't post the pics unless I'm on my computer, that's why I thought I was banned! Lol
  6. I love it!! Will post pics as soon as I can! I've been wanting one for a while. Checked on eBay but sometimes I worry about them being stinky. One time I got a bag off there that reaked of smoke! This one is seriously so new! It still had the blue plastic tag on the zipper pulls ad the cardboard to hold its shape. It doesn't get much newer than that! Some lady brought 3 new LVbags in to this store. All 3 were sold in seconds lol. I got lucky since they called me and I ran over there lol. Oh and it's MIF!! My lucky day!! Yay :smile:
  7. What!! Speedy Mandy banned?? No way. Lol!

    Also, where can I get one? Can you hook me up with the store? I have been stalking a mezzo for awhile.
  8. great find - looking forward to your pics!
  9. Oh my gosh did you get that from The Closet? I saw that today!!
    I remember you had a picture in front of the canyon salon which is why I'm asking :smile:
  10. Oh can't wait to see your pics!! I am wanting that bag so much myself! Congrats!!
  11. Yea! You're so lucky! Congrats!
  12. Haha yes! I bought it there :smile: so crazy you know that.
  13. Omg that looks like the perfect tote! I wish they still made them.
  14. It really is, especially since it has a zipper! I have the smallest version of this bag, the cabas piano. It was my very first LV. And, at the time for some reason I liked and needed small bags but my needs changed as I got older lol. I hope some day this will double as a diaper bag lol :smile:
  15. Can you upload with your phone? It seems to work so much better than the desktop upload...