SOOOOO cute!

  1. I just love them together! Hilary Duff & her man!



  2. Who is that human canvas that she has under her spell? He looks erotically dangerous. Maybe it's just the chemistry that the two of them seem to have that oozes through the photos. Sweet
  3. wow, someone needs some sun lol
  4. Awww, that pic reminds me of my BF giving me piggyback rides. I don't see much pics of celebs on piggyback. That's just cute.
  5. Aww!!!
  6. soooo cute :smile:
  7. lol

    I dont know what it is about those two but I'm somewhat obsessed. I hope they make it, I love them together!
  8. Awww, they're so cute. Now I want a boyfriend too:love:
  9. ...and I thought I needed a tan!! ;)
  10. they are really cute but I think those are the pastiest legs i have ever seen, unless she is wearing tights. lol
  11. true,

    I love seeing them together, so cute and so lovey dovey...I hope they can make it.:heart: :heart:
  12. Really cute. I really would never expect those two to be together, but they seem to make it work and really do seem to be in love! Good for them!
  13. More pictures, lol.

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  14. She's adorable.
  15. the gurl sitting down in the first pic has a HOT body!