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  1. Grrrrrr! I need to vent!

    I bought a Botkier small Sasha duffle from It was the snakeskin one. They didnt have a photo of it on the wesite, just an 'Image coming soon' message. I emailed them asking for pics, but no one got back to me so I bought one anyway.

    I thought that it couldnt be a risk buying from them as they have two stores so I expected to get a 'new' bag which bag wouldnt have flaws. How wrong I was!!!! I should have stuck to eBay!

    I think that the bag was a previous customer return or ex display, as the leather on one corners, lower side, and underside of the bag is worn away! Also, when I have bought new Botkiers in the past, the hardware has been covered in paper and the dusbag is inside the bag, wrapped in plastic. This bag's hardware didnt have paper coverings and it was sent inside the dustbag.I dont expect to pay $400 plus shipping, plus $120 customs only to recieve a bag which looks used!

    Here is a pic of the corner. Its also like like on the underside at the same end. It looks like it has been worn and one part looks sort of melted, as it has gone hard, like it has been left of a heater or something.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The paperwork that came with the bag says that they dont accept international returns at all! I emailed them and explained to them why I was unhappy and sent 3 photos of the corner. I recieved their response just now. Here it is...
    We only sell new - unused bags. The bag that you ordered was not previously purchased or used."

    ........and that was it! No apology or anything. I tried calling them but kept getting the answering machine. I left a message but I dont know what else to do.
    I asked them for a partial refund in my reply email but I dont know if online stores will do that. Or I was thinking of returning the bag anyway and asking my credit card company to issue a chargeback?

    What else can I do? If I lived in the USA I would call them everyday, or even go to the store, but Im a bit stuck at the moment...

  2. I would ask teh cc company to do a chargeback---make sure they will, then return it!
    Sorry to hear this is happening--I hope they fix this for you.
  3. ooog that is awful! I agree with posk51's advice.

    Now I am a little worried b/c I just ordered a different bag from them and used paypal rather than my credit card. :hrmm: Hopefully that bag is OK...
  4. That's horrible, I agree with doing a chargeback. I saw a Sasha Duffle in this color somewhere recently but passed on it as it didn't look like the usual luscious Botkier leather. Good luck with getting your refund!
  5. Oh my... that's horrible. Tell them to give you your money back before you do a chargeback.
  6. The bag definitely looks like it was used, or perhaps it was shopworn (like in the window, etc.) IMO its inexcusable to ship merchandise overseas without careful inspection and then say its final sale. BOO to the purse store!
  7. oh no! this is terrible!
    Good luck in getting your money back - that is totally not acceptable.
  8. OMG- I am sooooooo sorry!!!!!! Man...I cant believe they would just be liek ..."well, sorry" :tdown:...hope you can somehow get everything resolved!!!
  9. I'm so sorry that happened to you! I would also contact Botkier. They may be able to intervene in some capacity.
  10. That would really tick me off! Definitely fight it!
  11. Oh that sucks. And their response was just insult to injury.
  12. I recently contacted them about a bag I purchased a while ago, I admit, but I have barely used it, and there was a defect. I merely wanted them to put me in touch with the manufacturer. They wrote back and said the manufacturer was out of business. It wasn't so much that they couldn't do anything for me, the e-mail was just kind of curt. Turned me off a little, which is too bad, I have enjoyed shopping from them in the past. Sorry about your bag, hope you get your money soon!
  13. ITA!!! Surely, they must realize that over the long haul, this will hurt their business..just as I assume all the negative experiences posted about have hurt Shop Rumor's business. I can say for certain now that I will NEVER buy from the Purse Store because I am not willing to gamble!! It's hard for me to believe they would even ship a bag such as this to a customer, let alone respond to them in such a negative way. I do hope that you find a resolution to this quickly!!
  14. Halzer that is terrible and truly disappointing. Don't settle for their way of doing business! Maybe if you send the pics of the bag and describe in great detail what's wrong with it, they'll refund your $ (including shipping and customs). I would do it quickly, before they can accuse you of incurring the damage on the bag yourself. Good luck, I feel for ya!
  15. Thanks for all the responses guys.
    I think they saw my post here because this morning I woke up to a lengthy email saying that it was unfair of me to post about the bag here.
    I replied that they had sent the lengthly email the first time instead of the one-liner then I wouldnt have needed to post on TPF.

    Anyway they have asked for more photos which I have sent. They also say they are going to check their video surveillance of the time when the bag was packed, and also check the notes of the packer.

    Lets see what their findings are. I will post here when I get them.
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