Soooo ... who has ever ...

  1. Put his/her H bag ON THE FLOOR!!!:nuts::nuts::nuts:

    I did that last weekend at Vegas. Granted, it was carpeted but that was one GIANT leapt for me. It actually felt quite cathartic because I felt as though I'm truly FINALLY using my bag for real :yes: it felt good, really good:yahoo:

    What made me decide to do it was seeing the lady with the black glazed croc Birkin 35cm (with braise interior) setting her bag casually down on the floor at H a week ago.
  2. Gosh, I put mine on the floor all the time, although when I'm in public I try to be careful where I set them - I would never set them on the floor of a public restroom, for example. I've almost been afraid to admit to this around here! Mine are not exotic leathers, however, just a box kelly and a clemence bolide. Great question!
  3. I never put any bag that I have on the floor,Someone along time ago told me it was bad luck to do so.(to do so would mean you will never have money in it)I know i'm crazy...
  4. I have done it. Thank you Hermes for feet under the bags. So many times I have to bend down to pick up my 2 1/2 yo DD, and more often than not, I have to place my birkin on the ground, to make sure I balance well with her, before standing up again.
  5. oh i just can't... for whatever reason, it just feels wrong to.
  6. Wait, what, really???

    well ... that sure explained a lot of things that happened lately ...:push:
  7. I used to put my handbags on the floor too, until one of a SA told me that is bad now, I just have to sit with my bag! Can't take any chance
  8. I have never ever in my life put a purse on the floor, much less an Hermes one. I am very anal about that. Germs, germs, germs!!! :yucky:

    Although, come to think of it, I used to put backpack on the floor back in the University days, I don't know how I did it then. :hrmm:
  9. I agree! Nowadays, I won't even consider buying a bag if it doesn't have feet.:yes:
  10. I wouldn't put my bags on the bathroom floor either (or any floor actually). For some strange reasons, carpet seems a bit "safer" to me. In my case, the bag was placed on the carpeted floor of Tiffany's.
  11. I put my bags on the floor, but not always. As someone else said, certainly not in a public restroom ;D I didi put one of my Kellys on the floor, under the seat in front of me on the last flight I took. I'm, of course, grateful for the little feet under each bag (though, sadly, the Trim bags don't have them).

    Since I once had a purse stolen years ago while sitting in a restaurant (it was on top of my briefcase, which was sitting on the floor in front of me), I'm usually reluctant to let go of any of my bags, *H* or not, and usually keep them in my lap or between my lower legs. If the bag has a long enough strap, I usually put one leg through it.

  12. I usually put my bags on the floor in a restaurant between my ankles because I am worried that someone might swipe it if it's sitting on the chair next to me. I've see women's bags sitting in the top part of their shopping carts. I feel they are looking for trouble...I guess I've had my bag swiped twice from me so I'm a bit paranoid.
  13. Absolutley. It's a bag, not the Krupp diamond.

  14. I always put the child safety belt through the handles of my bag when I put it in the top part of my cart. I still don't leave it unattended but I feel a little better knowing someone can't pinch it and run!

    I sometimes put my chair leg through the handle if my bag is on the floor of a restaurant... same thing :idea:
  15. Sometimes you have to...whre would you put a 35cm Birkin with a table for two in a tiny cafe...

    I have also heard it's bad luck. I think it may be a cultural superstition....