Soooo....the Neo Cabby in Black!!!! I am excited!

  1. I don't know how I only just found out about this bag about 45 minutes ago by looking in the new Neimans catalogue after I started a thread about how LV needs to make the Monogram in BLACK! Of course I meant the canvas but judging from the pictures of the Black Denim Neo Cabby, it looks HOT!

    Now is this bag readily available in stores? Did it JUST come out in this color cuz I have never seen it and I go into LV allll the time. Where have I been?! :confused1: ;)

    How are people liking it? I am interested in the larger size version.
  2. this bag is available in stores but i heard it's been sold out...u might be able to purchase it at thought because some tpfers said there were some on the website a few days ago. i personally have the cabby in blue and i love it...but many people complain about the black because it is not a true black..when you see the bag in person, it looks gray...but if you are able to find one that is blacker, it looks HOT
  3. availability depends on the store. some members have posted saying they're in the stores, some stores have waitlists.

    the cabby was released in july :smile:
  4. Youve been spending to much time in the Chanel forum;););) (I love the medalion by the way...)
  5. I am returning a black MM size to eluxury today. So if you change your mind to the smaller size check that site in the next few days.

    I do believe the bigger bag is available in stores and maybe even eluxury, cause the smaller size is more popular.
  6. It is a great bag! I love mine and I am so glad that I got one!
  7. Hahah I know!!! And thanks about the Medallion. I LOVE it sooooo much :tup:
  8. Why are you returning yours? Also, may I ask why the smaller is more popular? Is it because of the price?
  9. I have the MM and love it!!! It's like a Balenciaga City style....that's the best way I can describe it. I've been using it everyday for weeks now. I get so many compliments. There are differences in color....I got to choose between 3 and I picked the darkest one. The bags are not deep black, but have a black stonewash look to them.
  10. I think the small is a bit more popular cause its the perfect size, whereas the bigger one is almost like a tote, its big!!

    I am returning it because the trim was bothering me with how shiny and textured it was, and also the strap pulls the sides of the bag down. I am a very picky person though so I am sure it doesnt bother most people. Also I was hoping it would be a darker black and the LV's would stand out more like the blue denim.

    If I didnt get the Mirage Speedy I was planning on exchanging the black for the blue Cabby though and not using the strap its a great bag.

    I am sure you will enjoy it when you get one :smile:
  11. It is a great bag but it is a lot less structured than it looks in pics. I tried on both sizes and although I am fairly tall (5'6"), the GM looked massive on me or maybe I just didn't like the way the size of the bag was distributed. But regardless, when I tried the smaller size I totally fell in love. Personally I love the way the straps pull the bag down when it is slung on the shoulder and the hardware detailing is hot.
  12. I have the black in MM... I just used it yesterday and I LUV IT!!!

    Mine is not as dark as the others have, but it's okay.. it's not light black/greyish.. it's still dark.

    I am exchanging the strap with a fellow tpfer's GM strap because I wanted a lil longer one.. good thing there's someone here on tpf that wanted a shorter strap. :wlae:

    Go ahead! get yourself the cabby and I hope you'll luv it as much of most of us here do. ;)
  13. I hope you get the Denim Cabby!!! It's truely a gorgeous bag.
  14. I love my neo cabby GM. I am used to larger bags and I love the way it flops when you carry it with the strap. I have actually never seen a black one on the shelf, but I asked for mine and it was brought to me from the back. I guess it depends on how many they have and if they get to put them out before they are bought.