Soooo Sad, my bleecker duffle is too small!

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  1. So I decided to switch out the Mandy for my bleecker duffle in sig/white and it's way too small for me! :crybaby::crybaby: I could barely get everything I carry in there! My husband was like "WHAT is wrong with you?!" I said in a very whiny, irritated voice "THIS BAG IS TOO SMALL, I NEED A NEW ONE NOW!" and he said in all seriousness "Don't even go there!" LOL! So I said "Look, instead of hiding a bag from you, or pretending that I have had it for a long time and yet never used it, I'm buying a new one, I need a new one--look at this (pointing to my duffle) I can't live like this!" :graucho: So...I had to break out my large Carly again and now I need to decide if I should buy a new bag NOW--and which one--the tote I've wanted for months...OR do I wait until the next PCE and hope I get a card and hope I'm not on vacation at the same time? Or just carry my Carly, save my money and buy a new fall bag? I'm just to look at the Coach website! Can you feel my pain? :lol:

  2. OH dear - there's nothing worse that not being able to fit all your stuff in your bag!

    I can actually get everything I carry in the large duffle in to the smaller one - but it all goes in on it's side. The smaller one is great as a cross-body if you don't want to carry everything.
  3. was the duffle new? can you return it?
  4. Does the duffle still have the tags, if so you could trade it! If not unless you are in love with something now I would wait and wear Carly! :tup:
  5. Is it the lg one? Maybe put it on ebay and see what you can get for it towards a new bag if you don't have the tags on it where you can exchange it.
  6. I cut the tags off before I even tried to put my stuff in it! dumb me! MY friend is going to put it on Ebay for me. It's this one:
    [​IMG] and the measurements are 13(L) x 12 1/2 (H) x 5 1/2 (W) so you'd think it'd be big enough but obviously I'm a pack rat, lol!!!! I need to decide what to buy now because I"m feeling lonely and not feeling the Coach high after packing up a new purse, lol!

  7. hahahahahah!!pack rat??
    the duffel is nice, too bad u cant fit ur essentials inside...see what can ebay fetch the meantime,i wld make use of the carly..
  8. wow, it does seem like a big bag... Maybe if you do buy a new one you can check out the outlets... they usually have better deals than PCE, and when I went there last, they seemed to have a lot of large size bags.
  9. You know what...I feel for you on this one!!

    I realized last night how much more I love the large duffle than the smaller ones. All of mine are large except for my new canary one. I just got it out last night, and I also feel that it's too small. I like the way the large duffles sit on the shoulder better too...the small one feels like it's going to fall off at any moment! I originally bought this smaller one for summer, but I almost wish I had gone for the large! It's a prettier bag anyway IMO. I would say if you don't like yours, maybe you can sell it on Ebay if you can no longer return it. I could return mine since it still has the tags, and my store has the large one still...but I haven't made up my mind yet. I do feel like over the summer months I won't want such a long and bulky bag, so this one should be better in that regard. Good luck on your decision!