Soooo in love........

  1. :drool:OMG.... has anyone seen this bag in person? It's gorgeous, I nearly fell out of my chair when I seen it. I have never seen this one before. Please Give me any input you may have on this bag, also please post any pics you may come across with this bag in. Thanks:tup:
  2. I like the glossiness of this bag. Hope you go for it! Sounds like you're in love! :heart:
  3. Thanks ladies;)!!! Lets hope I can locate this bag during the sales:sweatdrop:...
  4. i saw that bag in person at the nordie's at santa anita mall in arcadia, CA friday morning on the sale's a pretty darn big bag! but of course, it's a very nice bag too. heehee...ask to speak to vart. she was the one who helped me. hopefully it's still there??
  5. OMG:wtf:... WHY AM i JUST SEEING THIS:push:! I will call tomorrow, Thanks so much:love:!!!!!!

    BTW, how big is big? I've not seen irl. What does it compare to(in size)? TIA!
  6. Saks in Huntington NY (Walt Whitman) has this bag in a beautiful burgandy (like the Bordeaux color) on their 30% off sale table!
  7. I saw this giant bag at Glendale Galleria Nordies on the sale table yesterday---not 100% sure it's the same bag, but sure looked like it---call and see if they still have it! The bag I saw was about 14" wide, which seems consistent with the the measurements on net-a-porter's site.
  8. Did you notice it is 30% off right now via your original link. ^^
  9. I love the patent! Hope you find one!!
  10. Thanks for the help everybody!!! Still no luck for me. I have my Nordies SA on the hunt though!!!!
  11. Everytime I click on it, its not available:crybaby:
  12. Still looking for this!!! PLEASE let me know if you see one( on sale of
  13. I saw one at Saks, Chevy Chase, MD on Friday. I think it was 30% off. It is a really big bag. It may go down more after Xmas.
  14. kiss_p - You're in my area! :p

    I'm drawing a blank - does that Sak's carry M by MJ?