Soooo I'm a makeup artist....

  1. and i have noticed a lot of questions....ive tried to add my input on a lot of them but if you guys have any questions feel free to shoot me a pm or post onto this thread if you want.

    just thought id put that out there. :yes:
  2. Thank you for offering!

    What makeup do you recommend to reduce the appearance of puffy wrinkles under the eyes?

    Also, what eye shadow can be used on wrinkly puffy dry eyelids? Cream or sparkley anything makes them look even worse!

    I've always had bad hay fever allergies with itchy eyes. I TRY not to rub but catch myself.

    So though I am waaaay too young, I have bags and wrinkles around my eyes. (No darkness, though.) I would love to read your advice! Thanks!
  3. Do you have tips for smoky eyes on Asian women?
    (ps. we don't have big eyes as American's, so sometimes looking weird?
    but I love smoky eyes...)
  4. Thanks!!! Sending you a PM right now!
  5. I know in my other topic you talked about how you work with alot of MAC cosmetics.
    Would you reccomend the Studio Stick SPF 15?
  6. Thanks for offering to help with our questions. That is very nice of you.
  7. How sweet! I may take you up on your offer!:flowers:
  8. Thank you so much louielover! I bought the studio tech (see other thread)today and I am glad I did because I think it seems nice. For now on I will totally come to you for advice!
  9. How kind of you to help us all out!! Do you have any recommendations for an under eye brightener? I've read about Benefit, what do you recommend? Thanks so much.
  10. We need an on-line makeup lesson :yes: . Thanks for offering your assistance.
  11. aww thanks everyone...

    im trying to get back to everyone....ive been sick the last couple of days (and still am) but i will do my best to answer everyones questions!
  12. im looking for a new blush color, im fair skinned, blue/green eyes, with a cool skin tone i believe. the blush i have now i swear brings out my dark circles under my eyes... what colors would work well for my skintone?
  13. Thanks for reply...but I am still waiting for your answer...
  14. I have two questions:

    1. What eyeshadow/eyeliner colors do you suggest for Amber colored eyes. (light brown with gold and green specks inside)?

    2. ANy foundation recommendation. I use Matte then its too dry and powdery fake looking on skin.. If I use liquid, it doesn't provide enough coverage ( to cover up my one spot of hyperpigmentation). Or , should I Use some type of concealer with the foundation, if so in what combo (e.g. concealer first then liquid, powder then concealer , etc.)

    Sorry for the two questions.. I thank you advance for your help!

    *sends you cookies and brownies*
  15. Thanks for your kindness. I have a lot of questions but I can't seem to think of any right now but I will get back to you.