Soooo, I want a charm for my Damier Speedy...

  1. Any suggestions for something adorable for less than 40$? I'm not sure how much I'm goig to love it or use it, so...any recs? Thank you!!
  2. You can try something by Juicy Couture, though I'm sure most of their charms hit between $40 and $55. I'm not familiar with charms besides that, though. I hope you find the perfect one and post pictures when you get it! ;)
  3. I have the Juicy Couture Palm Tree on my Damier Speedy - it's pretty cute.
  4. juicy couture has cute ones between $35-$50. do a search in here on "Charms" and it should come up.:yes: i just ordered yesterday from Nordstrom the cupcake, cherries, and ballet slippers. i'll post pics when i get it:jammin:
  5. Juicy has the cutest ones by far. However, I ordered the limited edition Juicy snowflake charm from e-luxury and I returned it. It was very flimsy. Their other charms are much more substantial. They have a huge selection. Your only down side would be deciding on just one!
  6. ^ITA! Juicy makes the cutest SO just bought me the engagement ring charm.

    I also really want the jewelry box and the cherries!:yahoo:
  7. There are some nice charms by Coach too.
  8. Juicy charms are great! I'm not sure if there are fake ones out on ebay because I would suggest there....they might be a bit cheaper!