Soooo how limited are the new reissue colors?

  1. I am getting married soon (very soon) and I have so much going on. There are several reissues that I want......but the timing is bad

    I am on the waitlist for some but i'm wondering.....

    If i get the call and have to pass it up how likely is it that I can get one later?? Are they super limited? or more plentiful like last seasons metallic 227

    A bunch of PFers were able to get that size and color last season. Will this seasons be the same?

    So what do you think? :girlsigh:
  2. well...i see that you're in a tough spot :/

    you'll be sure to have a chance to get it again...but on eBay. as far as the stores, all colors of the reissues are coveted from what i know. depending on when exactly you'll be looking to have that chance again...if it's in a week then i'd say it's reasonable to say you'll probably find one. but in a month or more...not too sure. hope that helps~
  3. It depends on where you live and if you show up at the right time... I wanted a metallic navy so badly (first Chanel), but I was never on a waitlist (just a "call list" if one metallic piece comes in to look, but no one called of course :rant: )
    Anyway, I was told that new shipments of bags always come in on tuesday, but they don't know when the Reissues are coming, so I walked in the next tuesday since I have holidays anyway and guess what? They just got 2 Metallic Reissues, one Purple which was already sold, and a Navy which I could buy... However, if I had not asked a SA I would have never known since they were not on display, (the windows still had the same bags as the week before, the bags on display were almost the same with lots of Classics, but no Reissue so I thought they didn't get any, but still asked the SA although I expected "We didn't get any, and we don't know...)
    Now I'm wondering myself how limited they really are. Maybe tomorrow they'll receive tons of Reissues, or none anymore, you never know until they totally run out of the bags
  4. I would like to know how limited the reissues are too.
    I know that the waitlist is extremely long for these bags but they receive their shipment every week so in the end everyone will end up getting one?I don't know this for sure though.
    If someone could enlighten us all :smile:
  5. well I don't know if they will rerelease specific sizes and colours later but I'd suggest as soon as you see one you truly love colour and sizewise get it!:yes:
    My local C/b got six 227 ,two in each colour and they told me they aren't going to bring these colours again and that the same goes for many bs in Europe!
    In addition what about if prices will get increased later on ? Neither would I recommend e-bay for obvious reasons!
  6. do they launch the reissues every year at the same time? ~ what were they like last year? ~ i was told @ the weekend that a black & brown reissue are going to be a permanent feature but the SA was unsure what type of leather they would be :shrugs:
  7. I'd get the color you want while you still can. I know the waitlists for certain colors are a mile long. One boutique's manager didn't even allow their SA's to add their client's names to certain waitlists without being chosen to sell items from that particular waitlist. Of course you could probably find a particular bag on eBay, with a 1K markup. :sweatdrop:

  8. Such good points. :girlsigh:
  9. I find that with Chanel, if you find a color you LOVE, jump on it when you get the chance because resellers jack up the prices so much when they are gone.
  10. Do you have a good relationship with your SA? I have bought several bags in a month and they have held a bag for me until the next month to purchase after I recoop.... It's worth asking, but you need to commit!

    Good luck!
  11. I'm pretty sure all stores ordered limited quantities. Normally they order 4-6 in a size/color. I know for sure that Chanel on East 57th only ordered 6 purple reissues in the 227 size. I think they ordered 10 or 12 of the Navy in 227 size. The reserve list for both colors are into the 30's so you can do the math.

  12. Wahhh! And I am one of those patiently waiting:sad::sad: I am coming to realization that I may have to settle for the 226.

  13. more good points :girlsigh::upsidedown:
  14. I've already seen 2 purple and one green Reissue on eBay at quite a markup, however no one has bid on them yet...
  15. Good thing noone has bid on them! As I was told Chanel had put some restrictions on employees concerning the new 2008 reissues,meaning they're deserved for customers!
    and that's just to prevent astronomical markups!
    Unfortunately it seems that those who sell them on ebay at these prices were maybe first in waitlists and deprived other customers from getting them!:tdown:
    Cause if they did not like the reissues they got they could certainly return them -they just got them after all!-or if that was not possible and had to sell they could ask for what they've paid for or something like that!
    Fortunately there are many gorgeous colours released this season so if we miss in one we can get the bag in another!:smile: