SOOOO frustrated!!

Mar 22, 2007
I'm trying to track down that legacy knit scarf, 98237.

I called JAX on Sunday and they said it's sold out. It wasn't even on the website. Even though they had it on the frontpage.

Then late Monday night I looked at the updated website and the scarf was there. Tried to order it and it wouldn't work and it was too late to call.

Since yesterday was Christmas I couldn't call.

So I called right now and they tried to tell me it's sold out COMPLETEY!! I told the guy all the issues I've had and he's just like yeah I dunno. It's sold out. Sorry.

I could cry, oh wait I did. I'm just tired of the run around or so it feels. If it's sold out take it off the FREAKING website! :cursing:

Thanks for letting me rant!


Jun 6, 2007
I just called Coach Customer Service and they've confirmed that the scarf is indeed completely sold out. Since it's a discontinued item, you're best bet at this time is to call Coach Customer Service periodically over the next week or so in case someone has returned the scarf to their local Coach store. Here's hoping that you're able to locate the scarf.


Jul 21, 2006
Are you talking about the Legacy Stripe Knit Skinny Scarf? My mom has been looking all over for it too.. she wanted it for Christmas so bad, but was unable to find it. It seems to be sold out everywhere. :sad:
Mar 22, 2007
Are you talking about the Legacy Stripe Knit Skinny Scarf? My mom has been looking all over for it too.. she wanted it for Christmas so bad, but was unable to find it. It seems to be sold out everywhere. :sad:

That is the one I am talking about! It's so weird how it's just sold out every where. I mean i know stuff sells out but it wasn't on the website then was then not available. Bleh!


Sep 6, 2006
i would be wary of for certain hard to find pieces...i'd rather call customer service and get the low-down cos a lot of times when says something is still available JAX could have zero but some stores that haven't been selling it would fulfill the order you placed through if that makes sense. sometimes inventory for those stores could be off thats why would then refund your order.

best way to get the scarf is asking customer service if its at JAX available to order, if not then asking if they could do a store wide search and see which stores would have it, grab those numbers and try to do a phone order.

Mazie May

Jun 7, 2007
Hey coachariffic, I totally feel your pain.

I too have been trying to order this scarf, for about two months now since the first day I saw it (OK, I went and checked - since the October 15th catalog). I tried to order it through JAX then, none available. I checked repeatedly on the website - never available. I had my store look it up, none. Every time I called JAX, still none. When it finally showed up on the website, I tried the same day through my store - um, nope. Even though it was on They looked it up as well, and it was showing the pic with none available. Then it was removed from the website, then back up. I called JAX immediately (it was after hours), but supposedly it went through. Well, my order arrives, and there is no scarf. So I call and they said that it was sold out. (Really? I have never heard that before!!! Ha ha. . .) So, it is back up the other day, same ol' - same ol', it wouldn't process it to be put in the shopping cart . . . when I called JAX today, yep, it is COMPLETELY sold out and they are working with the web people to finally get it off of there. In the process I just started calling 98237 "the scarf that doesn't exist."

So, anyway, I have a theory. I am wondering if this style was produced in a very limited quantity and maybe sold out through pre-sales before it was even out in the catalog, because I called the first day it was in a catalog, and have called repeatedly since then.

Does anyone know of ANYBODY who owns this scarf or has actually seen this scarf? All my SA's have never seen it in their stores, and it's been sold out since it supposedly "came out". . . Hmmmm, just sayin'. :search:

So, coachariffic, maybe that little story will help you not feel like you missed out by a teensy bit!!! You so didn't!!! It's The Scarf That Doesn't Exist!!! :sad: :crybaby:


Jun 6, 2006
I too have been trying to get my hands on this scarf since I saw it early November on a Coach employee in town for a brand new coach outlet opening..and it is indeed gorgeous. I'm ticked at this run around on it. When I first started looking they told me it was not even available to order yet. But then two weeks later (before I got my phone call I was promised saying we'll call you as soon as we CAN order it) it was sold out.
Mar 22, 2007
Yeah I am starting to think it never existed. I knew it was crazy when NO ONE on tpf had seen it or owned. I mean honestly, with all of us on here not a one?!?! AND Katrynar works at Coach at a Flagship in NYC of all places and has never seen it. Somethings up I tell ya!

After called JAX everyday for 5 days one of the CS agents told me to call back around Jan 15. He never really said why. I went to talk to my SA and she sorta remembers the scarf, but there was no picture in the computer of it (I was leaning and looking at the screen!! hehe), she said to call around Jan 15 too because that's when stuff appears in the comp that has been shipped BACK to JAX or something like that. I dunno it's all weird.

I'm sorry. I do the websites for my department and it's super easy to take stuff off and on. I mean I don't know what kinda program they use, but seriously it's been up on the site for TWO WEEKS now.