Soooo frustrated....My Quilted Bays are being held by Fedex!

  1. So you gotta listen to my long story becuase I am soooooo frustrated.....thank god I'm going out with a friend tonight so I can keep my mind off things....

    So I order the quilted bays (black and offwhite) from LVR and they promptly ship them with fedex, due to arrive this morning before noon.

    So I call last night to see if I can pickup at the depot instead so CS says no problem they'll add a note on my this morning I wait and wait and the package finally arrives in Ottawa and is being cleared by customs so I head over there thinking it doesn't take that long to clear (it never has in the past with any delivery method). So she says it still hasn't cleared and we'll call you as soon as it does so you can come pick it up.

    So I run a few errands in the area and an hour later a fedex broker from the local office calls me to tell me that the customs officer needs verificaton documents on the order amount etc....So I dash home at 2:30 and send her all my e-mails verfiying everything. Once again I tell her that I will go pick it up once it clears. I wait and wait and decide to call back at 5 and can't believe my ears when he tells me that its just cleared customs.

    I have to go drop of my girls at paino/singing class and have 1/2 an hour to go pick it up! So I call the 1-800 # on the way and tell CS that I wanna pay any due amount by phone so I am not delayed once I get there. So she keeps me on hold for about 5 mins and comes back and says that they cannot release the package to me without authorization from sender otherwise they have to have their drivers drop it off the next day. So ofcourse I am in disbelief becuase I've been waiting all day and now thats it finally reeleased by customs I can't get it. Well no one from their CS has told me this all day and I say that I have all kinds of IDs with pictures and address and everything. There is nothing they can do a that is their policy. So now I have to wait till tomorrow morning....all I can say is that they better come before my drs appointment.

    AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH I can scream right now!!!

    Anyways.....thanks for listening becuase I really had to vent.....

    I will post pics as soon as they arrive! They'd better be worth it!!!

  2. :cursing: I feel your frustration MD - why does everything have to be so complicated ?!
    I'm sure the bags will be worth all the hassle, but what a bummer. So annoying. Fingers crossed that you get the non-identical twins home safely and in a timely fashion tomorrow:yes: .
  3. I'm sure they'll come early tomorrow! Can't wait to see them tomorrow. Two bays in one day, what beats that???
  4. See LYM..I'm not the worst offender am I :nogood:? MD didn't need any enabling at all for her splurge ( and all power to her for just going for it :woohoo:!!!)
  5. The wait actually sweetens the pot!

    I'm chuckling because all of Div's purses from Behrain took like 7 days for her to get. Naturally I had to wait 16 agonizing days and all the while convinced that some gypsy in customs ran off with my bag (I had gypsies on my mind from Div's Roman holiday).

    Mona I'm really excited that you have not given up on the quilted Bay. I wasn't a fan of this purse for a long time, the quilting was a turn off and honestly I can take or leave this feature (:s). What I love is the dimensional aspect of the MQB. My turning point was when I say my niece sporting her Mocha model when we went to see Redemption at the movie theater! I couldn't take my eyes of her bag!

    Here's to a successful delivory tomorrow!!!!!!!!
  6. What's one more day, Mona?! - I know - easy for me to say. But I kinda feel sorry for customs guys - everybody dislikes them so much and we really do need them and all. You'll get your bags and they will be safe and sound without any bombs or drugs in them!!! That's the bright side!
  7. Mona, here's hoping they arrive in plenty of time tomorrow. I know you'd hate to miss your Dr.'s appointment.;)

  8. Dah old lady brain!!!!!!! I meant Atonement????????
  9. Another old lady brain - we saw the movie together and I didn't catch it either?! "Redemption" sounded familiar?! - snort
  10. Sorry to hear of the snafu with your bags, it always seem to happen with our bags, or could it be that's all we ever order.....LOL

    Hope they arrive tomorrow, safe and sound. Post pics!! :yes:
  11. Mona, can you really pay for the duties over the phone with a cc? I've always been sent a bill from Fedex within 2-3 weeks after delivery. Now that would be convenient and no surprises as to how much they are charging me. Post pics of your bags when you get them!
  12. :wtf: OMG, Mona!!!! That really sucks!!!! At least you will have those beautiful bags tomorrow and not next week! My bag was only 30min. away and its still not here, and they don't have a tracking number to give me:rant:, so who knows when I will receive it. So be thankful you know for sure yours will arrive tomorrow:okay:!!
    Make sure you post pics straight away, as I am so looking forward to seeing those beauties;)
  13. Mona - what a bummer - I know how the anticipation can build up and the let down when you have to wait but those bags sound awesome and they will be worth it - post photos tomorrow!
  14. Good luck Mona!!!
    I hope it won't take a week to check the bags!
    Yes, sometimes things get complicated, but try to be patient and your beautiful twins will arrive in front of your door. :smile:
  15. Bags in the mail, bags in the air, bags bags everywhere!

    I love that there are bags in transit all over the place and their prospective owners are so excited. But I'm sorry you've had some obstacles, Mona!

    I hope they turn up on time! I will be lurking tonight to hear news. Can't wait to see pics. :wlae: