Soooo. Fate hates me.....

  1. OK, gonna make this quick... I dont have bad luck, but when I do, its pretttty bad...

    I just got this GREAT new job as an asst. to an optomotrist (part time im in grad school) and right in the same (shopping center/complex) thing that our office is in.. the staff gets lunch from this deli.. now, I go to get a drink for myself and guess who just took a new job a few stores down....... my mortal ENEMY from high school!!! Now it has been at least 5 years + since high school, im in grad school now and I did NOT want to see this girl again... to make things worse... she acts like we're great friends and proceeds to tell me she was JUST talking about me with her boss... wtf.. why is she JUST talking about me???? That reallllly made me mad.... now the whole deli/cafe place knows we hate each othr and probably hate me because she likes causing problems!!! UGHHHH :cursing:

    What are the damnnnn odds of that, its not even in the same town that we live or went to HS.. its like 3 towns over!!! WHY is she there!?

    I know this sounds petty, but tht was someone I just was looking forward to NOT seeing every again, and of all the people on the planet to work so close to me.... ugh, so annoying!! My co-workers told me that she got what she deserved for being such biatch to me because she now worked as a cashier in a deli (no offense to cashiers)...

    Anyhoo, if anyone has any other horible coincidental stories, please share to ease my irritation.. thanks!
  2. Well, she's the cashier and you're the assistant (no offense to the cashiers). Most likely she's secretly more enraged than you are.

    And yeah. Last Saturday was my good friend's birthday and we were to have dinner at a restaurant. I've helped her plan it like 2 weeks in advance and was even responsible for inviting half the people. She shows up late to her own dinner party, but that didn't make me mad. The agitation kicked in when she showed up with these two guys, one being this moron from highschool who I despise. This guy has no manners, is conceited (he's not good looking either), and is pretentious as heck. Highschool was 4 years ago, yet he still holds a grudge against my friends and I for rejecting him. He had separate crushes on all of us. We let him down softly, but yet he hates us just because we each cannot consider more than just a friend. This wasn't the first time he has made surprise appearances at our gatherings either. I don't know how he gets these invites, because most of us think he's utterly retarded.
  3. oh, I have things like that happen.

    About 10 yrs ago I fell madly in love with a guy....who just happened to be married to someone else. He totally broke my heart. He lived around the corner from me, so that was awful. Finally he moved and I got a job out in the burbs and found out his damn wife was working in the pharamacy across the street from my work where I would go all the time. I was like what are the damn odds of that happening??? Then he got a job at the hospital I worked for, but luckily I worked off-site and I never saw his ass.
  4. I know that whats everyone says... they're like youre a med student and shes a cashier at a deli.. but that doesnt matter to me... titles... who cares what I am and what she is.... why is she here NOW?? lol
  5. Well, karma took care of her, it sounds like. I know what you mean, though.

    There's an inlaw who said some unforgivable things to dh, including me. He's related to her and chooses to forget; I will not have anything to do with her ever again. So we retired from the midwest to NC. Guess who retires from Michigan to not far away? They even said they stopped by once but we weren't home. Arghh! Dh avoids confrontation like the plague and won't say anything. I'm ignoring them.

    Not the biggest problem in the world, but like you say, of all people to see again--why does that happen:confused1:?
  6. I left a bad situation at a job once. The management had changed and not for the better. My new boss was not a very nice man, the clients did not like him and I did not get along with him. So I quit.
    Fast forward 4 years later. My DH and I buy a new house in a great neighborhood. About a week after moving in, I see a guy across the street, 2 houses down from us that looks alot like my old crummy boss. The man glances my way and DUCKS behind his car like he is hiding from me. I think maybe he just dropped something. Well, this happens a few more times and I'm wondering if its him. So I call an ex co-worker who still worked there and asked her to look up his home address in the company directory. Lo and behold, my new neighbor is HIM! My ex co-worker could not stop laughing on the other end of the phone. He and his family moved out months later. Instead of trying to make peace, HE MOVED! :roflmfao:
  7. :roflmfao:Jeeze, that is soooo funny!

    Hey Kissmedeadly, I wouldn't eat at that deli if I were you - she might try slipping something into your salad!
  8. Awe, I can totally relate!

    I actually met dh through a girl I went to college (and was in a sorority) with. Well, it turns out that unbeknownst to me, this girl couldn't stand me (even though she pretended to be my friend) and before I met dh, she had told him I was an "annoying obnoxious *****" he'd hate. After I found out the extent of what she had been saying to people, all I wanted to do was avoid her, but dh's brother and she were close at the time, so when dh and I were first married and moved up to MA and were living near his brother, BIL wanted us all to get along, so I was constantly having to deal with her. I hated it.

    But here's the good part, dh and I are going on 10 years married at this point (I guess annoying obnoxious *****es are his type), BIL and she havent spoken in years (her own doing) and she's still single. I believe she's living with her parents and had been engaged to someone who ran up about $30,000 in debt on her credit cards. So hang in there - karma does come around!
  9. some good stories here. bagnshoo, that's hilarious! wilowsmom, yay for you and dh and your family--karma does indeed have a way of working.
  10. Wow, great stories here! KMD, I guess on a conscious (or subconscious) level there is some unfinished business between you two so you are again in eachother's realms for a reason. You can ride it out, be strong and find another place to grab lunch if you so choose, LOL.
  11. Hey KMD, I'm sorry for your unlucky stroke of fate.......I've never worked across the street from someone I hated from High School, but it seems everytime I am looking my absolute WORST, I see someone from my High School, who was one of the populars, and they are always looking perfect....:crybaby:Happens to me all the time......

    Don't worry, you will get through it. And besides, she may not even work at the deli much longer. You never know. I think you should hold your head high. You are very accomplished!!! Good luck!:tup:
  12. I don't want to sound mean or anything, but like you wrote, it's been 5+ years.. Maybe she's over it. And perhaps you should be too? It was just high school. I don't know what happened to you in high school, maybe it was something very serious and I apologize if this seems disrespectful, but some things, maybe even most things, especially what happens in teenage years, are better forgiven and forgotten.