Soooo Excited!

  1. :yahoo::tender::yahoo::cutesy::yahoo::girlsigh:

    I just won this off of ebay:
    eBay: COACH LADYBUG BOX TOTE PURSE BAG - $328 - NWT!!!!!! (item 260038398253 end time Oct-09-06 13:21:41 PDT)

    It was one of my "dream" items that I could not afford as a college student! I can't not believe I found it! I can't wait for it to get here!

    Now I just have to find an amethyst mini signature large hobo or tote and a large hobo pink/brown scarf print to finish off my "dream" list! Well... dream as in those that are no longer in production now! :graucho::lol:
  2. Congrats!!!Enjoy-you really deserve it after waiting so patiently!:yes:
  3. i'm so glad you got something you had really been wanting! it makes it that much more special! enjoy it!!!
  4. Congrats!!! I hope you will enjoy it
  5. Aww... thanks girls! I am sooo happy I decided to check on ebay for it! :love:

    It was just one of those random things... and I saw it there for that price, with the tags still on it! :shame:

    Sooo happy! :heart:
  6. Congrats!! Its a fabulous bag! Its on my wish list too!!:smile:
  7. Thats so cute, I saw a similar one about a week ago at macys.

  8. Aww--- yes--- I love it! I use to visit the store and just look at it.
    Then, when I had the money to purchase it--- she was gone :crybaby:

    So--- I got another COACH instead :yes: but, I always thought about this one! I feel complete now :lol:
  9. Congrats!!!
  10. haha.
    i told my mom when i bought my wallet on saturday that i felt complete now that i got to toss my fossil wallet. and she looked at me like i was positively insane!
    only people like us get stuff like that! :graucho:
  11. I understand completely! I bought the straw bag with the flowers appliqued on it two years after they came out but I had it and I was happy! I was SO bummed when I missed out on them in the stores.
  12. So cute! GLad you found your "dream bag"! Enjoy it!
  13. awww, yay! I love finding stuff you think is long gone. congrats!
  14. Aww, your so lucky. I bought something from ebay before but it turned out to be a fake, and i had to return it the next day. I am really bad with ebay >.< But congrat with your bag!