Soooo excited! I'm going to my first Bal boutique: Seattle

  1. Wednesday through Friday I'll be in Seattle for a conference at Microsoft.. then I get the weekend to shop!!! The highlight of my trip will be going to Barney's and visiting heaven... er, I mean the Balenciaga boutique! This will be the first time I'm somewhere that has a boutique since the obsession started. Look out Seattle :wlae::yahoo:
  2. OMG!!!!! Finally- you get to see what heaven looks like!!!:yahoo: I'm so excited for you!!! Have a BLAST!:heart:
  3. I knew Barneys had them, but didn't know there was a boutique here. Is it new?
  4. Wooohooo! Have fun! I'd love to hear about all the gorgeous bags when you get back!:yahoo:

  5. Surfer, I'm probably wrong on that one.. I just thought it was like the LV boutique here at our Saks. But even if it's one SHELF it's more than I'm used to! :yahoo::yahoo:
  6. How fun!!! Have a great time!
  7. Thank not knowing there was one had me worried for a minute. :lol: Actually, there's a whole wall, so you can even get more excited! Bellevue Square's a great mall too. You'll have so much fun!
  8. I've been there! Seattle's Barney's was like Balenciaga heaven....I love Seattle
  9. Whooohoooo!!! A WALL! I'm so so so excited :party: I get to actually try on sizes and see colors BEFORE I buy them!

    ETA: I just bought an LV Amazone so I could travel and sightsee in style. How skewed are my priorities?? :graucho:
  10. So did you get anything? Can you give a report? I try hard to stay away but would love to hear what they have :smile:
  11. Ooh...have fun!!! I used to live there, it's a wonderful place and Barney's is so fun! I love their beauty department too!
  12. I live on the east coast but I spent a month in Seattle this summer. I was near Bellvue Mall and LOVED that place! Nordstroms is wonderful, ahhh!! I was right near Barney's and saw the b-bags but I was with some other people and couldn't go in! I'm going back in a few weeks and I won't make that mistake again! You will have to report back what they have!!
  13. ^^ I definitely will! I may even find one that needs a new loving home!
  14. Tucker- I'd love for someone to take photo's of you when you first encounter the Bbags!!!! You'll probably react as you've just won the lottery!:nuts:
  15. Girl, the camera will be there for sure to document the wonderful occasion. I will be sure and post as soon as I get back!
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