Soooo excited!!! BABY #3 :D

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  1. Just found out today by accident, we are expecting baby #3!!!! We've been trying since 2011. However due to a polyp (removed in oct 13) we were having that we had stopped trying and decided not have another we are hit with the news today....

    FUNNY story today...i pulled a muscle in my right side last night. since i couldn't get an appt on base this morning i was referred to FastEr Care. As soon as we got into the room they handed me the urine cup(they never have me pee in a cup). within 3 mins of giving them the urine the DR rushes in and says i am preg :shocked::wtf:
    thank goodness i was sitting down cos i started to freak out....
    I am still in shock. but i had no clue. i have been getting pms symptoms thinking my cycle was coming. WOW...we are happy since this is what we wanted. I am ready to blurt it out but we are waiting. Today is my oldest sons 16th bday and i want him to have his day.
  2. Congratulations!!! Do you know when you are due yet?
  3. Congratulations!!
  4. How exciting and wonderful! I love stories like this, where someone has given up and then, BABY! And I totally know that feeling of wanting to blurt it out -- I always ended up telling random people waiting in line with me just to tell someone! Congratulations and I hope you have a smooth, easy pregnancy!
  5. Congrats! I too had trouble keeping quiet so told strangers quite early on
  6. Thank you!!! They say I'm only 3 weeks, so my due date is around end of Sept early Oct. They say since i am close to 40 i will be in the high risk category so i will get a 4D sonogram like every week :biggrin:
    Yes i am dying to blurt it out. :biggrin: I already told my supervisor and section supervisor (I am active duty AF). They were excited cos they knew we were trying. But i want to tell my friends and family....
    I am thinking of taking a pic of my boys each holding a sign saying big brother then i will hold the pic of the sonogram pic and have it say little brother/sister :biggrin: then post it on FB

    Well i just told my mom (she lives with us) and my two sons. They were all excited. Thankfully. SO now we just have to tell my in-laws :biggrin:
  7. Congratulations! I can feel your excitement through your words! I definitely understand telling non-family members because you are so hairdresser was one of the first people I told :P
  8. congrats .. wish u all the best :biggrin:
  9. Thank you! Yes i am soooo excited. it still hasn't sunk in yet. i do feel preg somewhat..teary eyed, boobs are HUGE and painful to touch. starting to feel a little tired. I noticed with this pregnancy i am not wanting to eat junk...with my 2nd preg i ate everything and gained 70lbs. With this one i am more conscious of what i eat. Thinking back to the last few weeks i have craved healthy stuff, which is what i eat normally. So i am happy.
  10. Wow, what news! I can sense how ecstatic you are from your posts. Congratulations.
  11. CONGRATS!!! How exciting!!

    Are you on Pinterest, I always see really cute ideas for announcing pregnancy, gender, photo shoots, etc. . .
  12. Thanks :biggrin:

    Swanky Mama of Three: I am! I have been looking but for some reason why type in baby i dont see any announcement stuff :/ gonna do some more looking. I still have time. I dont want to announce it to the rest of the world until end of March :faint::nogood: i SUCK at keeping secrets. its gonna be hard dangit
  13. congrats .. wish u all the best
  14. Thanks Swanky! Running over there now to pin away :biggrin:

    Thanks Boy.Buong.Binh