Soooo disappointed in the Vertical Veau Graine

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  1. I received my Veau Graine I had ordered from Nordies Topanga and was so sad! It is a super cute bag, but for about $3000 with tax, it felt like a fake bag!!! The leather smelled wonderful, but felt like rubbery plastic. Also, the handles are chain with a leather patch and they totally fell off of my shoulders. Additionally, the chain always winds up pulling on the bag and the two handles wind up being uneven. You have to CONSTANTLY adjust them, it is so annoying. Needless to say, it is sadly going to back :crybaby: . I am thinking of a luxe flap in black instead??
  2. Aww man! Sorry you weren't thrilled w/ it, every bag is not for every one though!
    I'd definitely recommend a Luxe Flap. I have it in Metallic Black and it's magnificent:heart:
  3. What a bummer. It is such a disappointment when the bag doesn't meet our expectations. I thought is was really pretty, too. For that price, you should definitely LOVE your bag. Now you can use that money to find something you totally love!
  4. Aww...yeah return it. That's a lot of cash freed up for another purchase!
  5. oh how disappointing!! return the bag and get something else!
  6. Aww that's a bummer to hear :crybaby: the line is so pretty in pictures, sucks that it cant live up to its image!

    a luxe flap in black would be a great choice!
  7. Well, you either hate it or love it. My friend just bought it and she too thought the same thing and for the price she paid for it, definitely not worth the impression. She felt the straps were pinching her skin. The luxe ligne flap definitely is a better choice and you get your money's worth!
  8. Which bag is this? I'm not familiar with the name...