Soooo CUTE! Does Anyone Else Have One Of These...?

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    I only just got it half an hour ago, its sooooo cute and pretty big (3 inches) LOVE IT! And it was cheap too!
  2. don't have it, but I really want one :yes:
  3. nope dont have one but its cute :biggrin: congrats
  4. no but cute. Congrats!
  5. all the tokidoki toys are cute! i'm trying to amass an army of tokidoki dunnys, i have 4 so far...:amuse:
  6. some pics i wanna see!! too bad they dont have tokidoki qees ...and i dont mean the one that are in the bags, i would like actual characters turn into qees, now that i would collect!
  7. have you seen the trexi figures? they're really cute & in a sort of figure form...
    here's a pic of my collection of toys, minus the Sandy & other things not pictured...

  8. whoa you even got the big qee!!! where did you get that one? i saw one at eBay but it was high like $200 something thats uber rare!...i love your toys, especially the ninja girl!
  9. cool collection! that thing is cute! What's it called? That circus punk is cool too. Butterpecan, do you collect those cute dolls on your avatar? I want one of those too! Are the replicas of them cute? Worth the $$?
  10. Nice collection butterpecan. I like the big qee looking thing. lol Sorry, I don't know the names yet. Anyways, that little toy is sooo cute Yasha
  11. Ooh! nice collection. WHERE did you get the big qee?!
  12. OMG That's adorable!!!

    I just asked her in another thread:greengrin: I believe it is a Pullip. My daughter has a few of the mini versions great for putting in the purse for whe she needs something to play with ;)
  13. OMG.. how cute are all those toys together?!
    Mozzarella is bigger than I thought!! WOW! No wonder he goes for $25 on eBay!
  14. AHHH BIG QEE!! I WANT IT!!!! my bf just laughed at me when i said i wanted the one we saw on eBay :crybaby: and i had no money to get it... I have one dunny I want more though they're adorable! Out of all the trexi tho I want the ninja girl the most not sure about the others. Is that a blank munny i see on the right side? what kind is he? I want the glow in the dark one :nuts: i :heart: vinyl toys!! you're so lucky!
  15. LOL omg this is the first time I've seen the big qee hahaha I love it! The figures are all sooo cute :yes: