Soooo bummed!

  1. Just had to vent, I got two hundred dollars in gift cards to Nordstrom for Christmas, but when I went on Dec. 26, they had none of the bags in that I had been coveting the last few weeks. Checked the website and nothing there either. And I don't want to blow the giftcards on a bag that I am just "settling" for, that I'll regret later.

    I overheard one of the SAs telling someone that a bunch of bags in one of the brands I was looking for had been "racked", but I have no idea what she meant, and the store was a madhouse, so I didn't try to ask.

    Soo frustrating!

    Even though I know they'll get other bags in later on, that I'm sure I'll like, and I should just be patient, I just feel totally let down, ya know? I just had myself all worked up to get a new bag for Christmas, as I knew I was going to be getting the gift cards.

    rant over.
  2. The "racked" comment probably refers to Nordstrom Rack (outlet), is there one near you?
  3. Thanks for the info! Unfortunately, we don't have any outlet stores here (Alaska). I wonder if they ship....
  4. Maybe if you know the style of the purse you were looking for, one of the SA's can track it down at another store and have it shipped to you?
  5. I dont think they will ship. Just wait. Save the gift cards until you see something you really love!
  6. sorry, double post!
  7. That's a good idea. I was just so aggravated that day that I didn't feel like asking about it. I was denied my instant purse gratification! :drool:
  8. Can't hurt to call and ask. There is a woman at work who was coveting one of Gucci's python bags. I rreally think she called every Saks in the country until she found the last one, and two days before the additional 50% off, so she got the price adjustment later. So do what you have to do to get your bag :yes:
  9. Sorry you didn't find what you wanted. The right bag will come soon!
  10. I did go back today, and they were unable to order any of the ones I wanted.

    I am going to watch their online store for this Juicy Couture tote I was wanting to see if it will become available again. It's a really pretty metallic bronze leather with the lavendar satin lining. Plus, it's extra large, which I have to have with all the junk I like to carry around!

    It was marked down to half off, but it's now showing as unavailable, so I am hoping maybe, just maybe they'll get it in again!
  11. The SA should be able to locate the bag if available and have it shipped from that store to her store or to you directly... I've had this done before.

    The SA preferably would want it shipped to her store so she can get credit, but this could be difficult to have the original store send it to another store because the other SA may want credit too... It really depends which SAs are involved!