Sooo . . . what'd everyone get?

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  1. This is probably a weird post for me to start since 1. I'm Jewish and 2. I got all my Coach gifts BEFORE Christmas but, I wanted to ask how everyone else's holiday was and see all the good loot! We're actually still in MA and will return home sometime (hopefully early) tomorrow, but I can't wait to hear/see what everyone got!
  2. Happy Hanukkah then, right? What'd you get? I got 3 bags prior to Christmas so knew I wasn't getting any new bags but I did get a mini skinny and a gold apple key ring. I love both! I also have a Legacy ponytail scarf on the way as well as a picture frame key ring. (hubby ordered them a little late!) Tomorrow we're going to check out Macy's to see if they have anything exciting! Happy Holidays!
  3. I got some beautiful LV & David Yurman goodies for Christmas, but from Coach, I did get a 6x8 lilac calfskin planner and 2 cell phone lanyards (brown signature and a dark purple leather one with a butterfly charm). :smile:
  4. didn't get anything...but just wait until i hit the stores tomorrow...:graucho:
  5. oh oh! Lemme start! Hell, I almost gave MYSELF a whole thread for this, I was so excited!

    Post yours willowsmom! c'mon!:wlae:

    here goes nuthin'!:yahoo:

    P.S.-im almost broke.:yahoo:

    ok, first shall not be coach, but it IS the one I am most excited about!

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  6. and happy hanukkah! 8 days of fun!

    this is a scarf from my bf and a belt from the pce this past month!

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  7. from my husband: signature shoulder tote (chocolate) that i've been eyein' since last year.
    And a huge sig wallet....not sure of the exact name yet :smile:
    hope everyones day was great
  8. Most of my gifts were bought during the PCE...

    I got:
    Legacy Signature Denim Shoulder Bag/10489
    Legacy Signature Denim New French Purse/40312
    Photoprint scarf/98028
    (Legacy Resort Denim-- Yay!!)

    Legacy Signature Shoulder Bag/10339
    Legacy Signature Framed French Purse/40263
    Legacy Signature Wristlet/40223
    Legacy Stripe Ponytail Scarf/98087
    (Legacy Sig in brass/khaki/ebony)

    Signature Stripe Reversible Large Tote/10125
    Signature Stripe Accordian Zip Around Wallet/40021
    Signature Stripe Large Beauty Case/40026
    Signature Stripe Wristlet/40028
    Signature Stripe Oblong Scarf/98029
    (Signature Stripe items in brass/khaki/mahogany)

    I also got the Ergo Signature Tote/10766P in khaki/mahogany trim a few days ago.

    I got jewelry, too.
  9. more early gifts,from myself and my man, but they's all christmas!

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  10. and yummy ballet shoes (from the pce) were xmas gifts! (not the green sneaks)

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  11. tloveshim - thanks! And my mil went to Macy's yesterday and the SA there told her they were having MAJOR sales starting tomorrow! Congrats on your stuff - I love that scarf!

    Jennn - I love David Yurman! Conrats on everything!

    kallison - definitely post pics once you "score"!

    photoobesessive - I love your LV - the Vernis is pretty much the only LV I lust after! I love your belt and scarf too! Congrats on everything! I actually posted my new stuff in the "collection as of 2006" thread - I got sunglasses, a legacy shearling cap and metallic lilac wristlet at the PCE which came just a week and a half before Hannukah this year, so I told hubby those were his gifts to me!

    mrs jones - love the chocolate signature! Congrats! Would love to see pics if you ever can . . .

    SO FEMME - ok, so jealous - congrats on all the beautiful stuff!

    Happy holidays everyone - I really hope everyone had a great one!
  12. willowsmom: i think i'll try to get a pic of my collection as of now.
    :blush: i'll work on that tomorrow.
  13. I still have to upload pictures, but I got an LV Panda Pochette, money, a jewelry box (have been wanting one for a long while) iTunes card, and some really cheesy lobster "Santa Claws" PJs. LOL. They are so tacky they are cool.

    As for Coach, I consider that Legacy Skinny Mini my gift to myself.
  14. This is what I got.

  15. [​IMG]