Sooo upset...rude purse!

  1. On Tuesday called Bergdorf's to order a timeless clutch in black caviar from Galina but she was unavailable so I got another SA...she was rude to me on the phone, was totally distracted and wanted to kick me off. I called her on it and said "Sorry that I'm taking so long, I just wanted to get my order right" and she didn't even care! I asked for overnight shipping.

    Yesterday I missed FedEx and so I stayed home from work today to get my package. It turns out that I got my Chanel scarf from the Dallas boutique instead (which I asked for 2nd day Air) and NO TIMELESS CLUTCH.

    Furious, I called the SA and asked her where my clutch was and she said that I asked for regular shipping. I said "No, I told you I wanted OVERNIGHT." She said that someone was going to assist me with the shipping and someone else got on the phone and asked for my last name and number. I have been waiting 45 minutes for her to call me back and I think they're trying to avoid me.

    I will NEVER deal with that SA again. I hate that she was rude to me and I want to scream at her over the phone in a minute! :cursing:

    I stayed home from work just so I could get my purse and it's not here.

    Sorry to vent, I've learned never to deal with this SA ever again.
  2. I would write to the manager to complain and copy your letter to Chanel HQ!
  3. Which SA did you speak to? I ordered a white classic jumbo flap the other day and did not have a problem. The SA, seemed nice enough. Hoewever, I called the other day to ask about the red flap and she was so rude to me. I could not believe it. Like I had the nerve to even ask about it. She had a heavy accent if that helps,identify who she is, but I did not get her name. I will never order from BG again. I can spend my $ somewhere else.
  4. I hope I can post this here, her name is Alla.

    I called BG back and asked for Alla and then a man came on the phone and introduced himself as Brendan. I explained my situation in a calm manner and said that I don't understand why she didn't want to send this overnight! He said that he would look into it and call me back. I wanted him to reroute the package to my local FedEx Kinko's because the nearest FedEx warehouse is 20 miles away from me.

    I asked Brendan if he was the Chanel manager and he said he was the floor manager....I don't know what that means but I do not want to deal that rude SA ever, ever again.
  5. OMG that's awful! You should complain to the Chanel head office and find out who the manager is for that specific BG boutique.
  6. I'm sorry to hear the bad experience but I do hope you can receive your clutch soon! :flowers:
  7. FWIW, Cari @ the San Francisco boutique is fabulous. Very nice and friendly. If it doesn't work out, try calling her.
  8. It's such a very bad experience :sad: ! I'm living in London. I also got bad experiences from Chanel SA in the boutiques too. No matter what I make a complaint or not. Nothing is better.

    I want to switch from Chanel to buy another brand (coz of rude SA ) but couldn't make up my mind yet :sad: .

    Just wonder why I have no bad experiences from other brandname boutiques (such as LV, Celine, Hermes, Gucci).

    :supacool: Hope one day Chanel will notice too many rude SAs they got and improve it. :idea: Anyway, I have been a Chanel customer for 5 years but found that nothing improve.

    PS: Anyway, there are some good SAs too.
  9. You are not alone with the Rude SA's. While I already replied to this post I had an experience with another rude SA at Neiman Marcus the other day, this was with LV. I posted there as well the complete story. You would think, common courtesy would be nice, especially when you are spending so much on a handbag.
  10. Thats horrible!
    so sorry :sad:

    You're not alone, The Beverly Hills Rodeo store is known for having the rudest sales associates and I just don't get it.
    There are so many wonderful nice ones out there - I know you will find a great one at another location :smile:
  11. That's very unfortunate. That's what I always stay with the same SAs that treat me really nice and I don't venture away from them.

    I hope you can find a nice SA :smile:
  12. I would have overnight shipped my foot so I could give her a swift kick up her behind!!!!!:cursing: :cursing: :cursing:

  13. LMAO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Ugh rude SA's are so annoying...hope you get your bag soon.
  15. Aww, sorry to hear about your bad experience, but it's going to be sooooo worth it when you get your fabulous new clutch!!! Can't wait to see pics - love that bag!!!