Sooo undecided.... Would you like to help?

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Which bag please?

Poll closed Jul 15, 2016.
  1. RED Chanel

  2. Balenciaga Vélo in Lipstick rouge or a dark color

  3. Hermès Evelyne in tomato red

  4. Louis Vuitton Neverfull

  5. Louis Vuitton Speedy 40 for traveling

  1. Dear fellow TPFER's!

    I want to buy a new bag as a belated birthday, wedding anniversary and "just because" gift.
    I am so undecided, mainl, because I love all these bags, but I can't afford them all. It will be a really special gift:

    The red Chanel: I would so love it! But availability, as well as customer service is a hit or miss. Plus, the price tag. OMG, so high, that I think I'm going to faint.

    The Balenciaga Velo: every time that I tried to buy a Balenciaga bag, I was underwhelmed. Every time I see them on someone else, I drool. Plus, maybe the Velo is too big to buy in red.

    The Evelyne: again, tried to buy, but was underwhelmed, when I saw it in person. But this color makes my heart beat faster.

    The LV Neverfull: I know that is a fairly common bag. But I can't get over how luxurious it feels. For me it's the ultimate tote.

    The LV Speedy 40: after receiving my rimowa damaged after my last plane trip, I need to use it only as a carry-on. That's why I need an extra large handbag for extra room.

    Thank you all so much for your time. Any opinion is appreciated.
  2. Also, a little bit about me. I'm in my late thirties, living in a small Central European city with VERY casual style. All of the mentioned brands can be seen occasionally, but not really often. I usually dress casually, even for work. Not exactly jeans, but also not high-end, chic dresses or suits. I am quite fashion savvy, but I don't wear the trends. I just know about them. I do travel, not A LOT, but over the average here, always for leisure and most of the time to my home country (I live abroad) or to major European cities.
    Again, I'm really thankful for any opinion.
  3. I think the velo would be the best choice for you. It isn't that common and adds style to any outfit and can be dressed up or down. Since you dress casually, you might not use a chanel that often. I'm not that crazy about the neverfull but since you refer to it as the ultimate tote I suggest you go try it on and see how it feels for you.

    Try out all the bags with the things you carry at the store and see which one you like the best!
  4. I voted for Chanel but I might prefer the evelyne, just not in that color. It comes in other red tones that I like better.
  5. I vote for the Chanel since it seems like that's the one you are most excited about.
    I know you said that you saw the Balenciaga Velo and Evelyne in person, but have you tried them on? Don't buy a bag just because it looks good on someone else or because of color.
    Good luck!
  6. Are there photos that I missed here? I would go for the Chanel, as it is more of a classic and can be worn with casual clothes very well. I think the neverful and speedy are too trendy for your style (and odd sizes) and the Evie I do not personally care for (too small, too young for me at 35).
  7. you should maybe narrow it down a bit more... one is a handheld, one is a tote, one is a crossbody, one is an elegant classic handbag, etc. what STYLE of bag do you like? if you don't like top handles, eliminate speedy, if you must have a zipper, eliminate neverfull, etc. narrow it down for yourself more
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  8. What about a Louis Vuitton Estrella in red? It covers most of what you are looking for.
  9. It sounds like you might be leaning towards the LV Neverful with your casual lifestyle and you said that its your ultimate tote. Don't worry about how common it is if it's something that would make you happy splurging on yourself. LV is also probably the most affordable from your list if you're thinking of canvas rather than leather.

    I don't own LV myself but have the Velo which I find too big. Chanel might be too dressy. Hermes Evelyne is an open top crossbody that may not suit all lifestyles either. Best to try out all the brands for yourself as well. Part of the joys of shopping is the hunt
  10. Oh gosh, those are all SO different! I was recently choosing between the Boy and the Evelyn and went with the Boy. I love how elegant it is with a bit of an edge. I went with caviar and I love that you don't have to be as careful with it as the other leathers. The Evelyn is still on my list as it seems like such a great crossbody. I've been an LV gal for years but could never do the Speedy or the Neverfull since they're so common. The Neverfull does seem like a very useful tote though. Balenciaga just doesn't excite me so I can't vote for that one. I think you need to decide what you really need and what will fit your lifestyle.
  11. Thank you all who voted and added a comment!
    Yes, they are all very different bags, but they all would suit my lifestyle and they all are bags that I would add eventually to my collection.
    Yes, I am most excited about the Chanel, but one can never know if the bag that one wishes for will be available.
    I have also tried both the Evelyne and the Bal on. Both looked good, whereas the Evie was a tad too small, although it was the GM size. It was in Rubis, which I didn't care for, since I wanted a bright red bag. As for the Bal, I think I'm underwhelmed when I see the regular hardware and excited with the giant.
    I have also tried on the Neverfull GM and it looks good.
    The speedy will be more an occasional travel bag.
  12. image.png image.png image.png

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  13. I have also added some pics. Not from a Chanel bag, since I really don't know what I'm going to find in the boutique. Unfortunately, none of these can be found in my city, so I have to travel for them, which unfortunately makes shopping less exciting.
  14. So, I wanted to let you all know, I bought the Neverfull GM in Damier Azur at the end. I went to Chanel and they had very limited selection in red bags and nothing sang to my heart. So for a 5000 bag, I thought it should really make me smile upon looking at it. And this wasn't the case.
    Thank you all for the time you took to comment in my thread!
  15. Woohoo! I was just coming here to comment that you should buy the Neverfull! Why? Because in your first post, that was the one that you seemed the most excited about. That's what drives it, really - you shouldn't ever talk yourself into a bag; the bag should call to you until you're unable to resist! :girlsigh:

    I'm so glad you ended up with THE ultimate tote! I have the same bag in the MM size, and I absolutely love carrying it. It's useful, it's bright, it's beautiful, it's well-made - I basically congratulate myself every time I look at it, LOL. Enjoy in good health!