sooo sagging on speedy 30s THIS WORKS GREAT!!

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  1. soo i wanted to fix some of the sagging on my mono speedy 30 and i saw a lot of people were using like magazines and cradboard and stuff....and then i was like ehhh i dont know if i want that added weight to my purse(i have a bad habbit of making my purses WAYYY too heavy for myself) and i actually found a fedex overnight envelope cut to size works PERFECT! it doesnt really add any weight and its thin so not too much interference. just thought id put that out there for those of you who dont wanna put a magazine or catalog in their purse. :yes:
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  2. Thanks for the tips:flowers:
  3. I don't have a SPeedy, but my impression was, from seeing them about town, that they were supposed to sag...but glad you found a method !
  4. good idea!
  5. Thanks for the info....
  6. I just use a medium size pursekete and it makes the bag hold it's shape perfectly, and it adds extra pockets!
  7. what the heck is a purseket??? i see them mentioned all the time. and where do you get them??

    and for that other person about the sag suppost to still does a it doesnt look real stiff or anything like i would imagine a piece of cardboard would.
  8. cool, thanks for the tip! :biggrin:
  9. oh Thanks for the tip!
  10. Thanks for the info. I didn't want to add much extra weight either so the Fed Ex seems like a good idea. I had tried cardboard which is ok, but I'll look into your suggestion!
  11. I just ordered a medium and a large pursekete today. which size is best for my speedy 30?
  12. i cut the flap of the eluxury box and stuffed it in there. no weight, has been holding its shape for almost a month now.
    btw, not for nothing but for $600, a bag should do what you demand it to do! :0)