Sooo Sad, but Also Glad

  1. Louis Vuitton called me today to send me my Damier Azure Organizer and I told them no, since I'm on a ban...:wtf:

    So, instead I thought I'd post pics of my Halloween Noe and be happy that I have her, she's so gorgeous, I love her... Damier Azur will come in time,

    right pug???
    2 Halloween Noe.jpg Veronika and Halloween Noe.jpg
  2. Really nice.:love:

    Are you a teacher? I saw classroom in the background.
  3. Oh that is soo pretty! Wow, the color is sooo beatiful! Yes, Azur will come very soon! I am also on a ban! But hopefully until I get a freaking job!
  4. What a gorgeous bag!!

    I am proud of you for sticking to your purse ban! I put myself on one as well until January...then MAYBE a mini lin speedy??? :smile:
  5. that orange is gorgeous! congrats on sticking to your ban
  6. Thanks friends. I work at a University...
  7. Your Mandarin Noe is gorgeous! Congrats on sticking to your ban!:flowers:
  8. Looks great, how appropriate for halloween ! :yes:
  9. looks awesome...I am so proud of you stickin to the rock girlfriend!
  10. That's 1 stunning bag...I was looking for 1 at the boutique but they're all out..only small pieces of mandarin left the charms on your noe and how gorgeous u look with her! And kudos for sticking to your ban!
  11. ooooo that bag!!! so pretty! you wear it soooo wel! congrats also on sticking to your ban...for now....hehehehe :P
  12. awwww tanks. ya'll make it all worthwhile....hugs.
  13. I love you mandarin noe!
  14. Gorgeous! Happy Halloween!:P
  15. Nice...I like the charm that you attached to your bag! Good for you for sticking to your ban!