Sooo, marron 04 and grenat, pretty close

  1. Just got my beautiful, wonderful grenat and I'm in love! But so close to marron 04, I'm a little surprised. My daughter's friend just asked me why I have two of the same purses. Hmmm, crazy to keep them both?
  2. Ever since the Trojan virus I can't post my pics!!:cursing:
  3. ok, so first pic is outside in natural shade.
    second pic is inside, natural light, with flash.
    Third is inside, no flash.
    marrongrenat.jpg marrongrenat2.jpg marrongrenat3.jpg
  4. Oh wow, they look really similar. I have never seen either one of then IRL so I don't know what to say, but judging by the pictures, they sure do look similar...
  5. Thanks for the great photos! They are very similar, but the marron 04 is definitely browner. Do you like one better than the other?
  6. yep. I called my marron - redwood/cedar rather than brown... it has definite red undertones. so pretty! the grenat is just a touch more red.
  7. ^Yes the marron is defiantely a brown with hint of red (mahogany), where as the grenat is reddish brown.

    Which do I like better? Well that question makes mny had spin! I've been in love with the marron for the past 6 weeks, since I got. The softness, smooshyness, the perfect distressing. Love the mahogany color. Con: it's been repaired due to a burn on the back. Repairs are no less than perfect, but they still bug me. Like a diamond in the rough. She was a good price though.

    The grenat has perfect distrssing, sturdy, thick leather that I can't wait to feel in a few weeks after she's relaxed. Love the color! Like perfect bordeaux wine (but that would imply bordeaux 05 and I have no idea how that looks irl)

    I don't know if I'll keep both but I'm absolutely sure I'm not sorry I got this one!
  8. wow, i'm really loving that marron! such a beautiful rich color. sounds like you're loving the new grenat more. personally, i wouldn't keep both, but if you really love both for different reasons then why not
  9. Hmm...they are very close in color, but both beautiful! Personally, i wouldn't keep both since I like to have a variety of colors, but I could definitely see justifying keeping both, they are absolutely gorgeous!
  10. I would keep both for a little while and then see which one should stay.
  11. They are both beautiful! But I would probably keep the one I loved most and exchange the other for something different - a brighter red if I kept the marron, or maybe a truffe if I kept the grenat.
  12. test them both out, then over time see which you love more.. although i agree with u they look very similiar
  13. Hmmmmm ... that's not easy - they really are very close - but both are GORGEOUS :drool: :yes: ! If you love both - keep it for a while . . . since you maybe want another one so you can decide to let one go for the new one ;) !? Good luck with your decision sunspark :flowers:
  14. Great idea :yes: . After owning them both for a couple of weeks, you should be able to decide which one should stay (unless of course you are sure you want to keep both). I don't think I would keep both just because I think I'm too practical :idea: . If you keep one, I vote for grenat... i have this color and love it. The bag just looks like a precious jewel!
  15. Lol, in the first picture I actually couldn't tell the difference. Do you have a particular affinity for the twiggy style? If not, I'd say get the greant in a different style, but if you want a twiggy, I'd exchange one of them for a brighter colour. They're both beautiful.