SOOO Mad RE: 0 Feedback bidders

  1. Ugh, I have had 2 zero feedback bidders bid on my stuff and then decline that they wanted to complete the sale.

    One buyer claimed that someone had stolen his CC and he did not bid and does not want the item anymore!! thats BS because he sent me like 4 emails after the item ending asking about colors, hardware etc... how strange???

    IDIOTS!!! UGH:cursing:
  2. I've had waaaay too many problems with new ebayers, that I now have a big warning on the top of every listing that bidders with 0 feedback MUST contact me prior to bidding to express their sincere interest and promise to pay within the allotted time period, or I will cancel their bid. If I see someone with 0 feedback bidding who has not contacted me, I e-mail them and say that I really appreciate their business, but I must hear from them before 24 hours prior to auction end, or their bid will be cancelled. And I will cancel their bid if I don't hear from them. I once had an auction where I had to cancel 4 such bidders who failed to even respond to me. I'd rather sell it for less than risk a non-paying bidder. Just my opinion!:smile:
  3. That happened to me before. Luckily, eBay refunds the listing fees if the buyer doesn't respond to the unpaid buyer dispute.

    Now, I just block all users without a PayPal account and with zero feedback.
  4. I know the NPB is getting so bad lately. Those buyers think it is fun to bid but not pay. I always monitor my listings at the last minutes and remove those buyers I feel suspicious. I always add "Immediate Payment Required" for BIN.

    I am sorry this happened to you twice.
  5. Could we block zero feedback buyers? I could only see the choice of blocking buyers with two non-paying feedbacks, but I didn't see there is a way to block zero feedback buyers. :confused1:
  6. This is only partially true- they only refund the final value fee, not the insertion fee and all the extras (for pics, gallery, subtitle, etc., which can be a few bucks if you're listing something expensive and you want to be detailed about it). The only way to get your insertion fee refunded is to relist the item, and if it sells. Then you have to pay for all the extras again, and if it doesn't sell, then you lose it all. Also, you have to wait 7 days to file a non-paying bidder complaint, and then another 7 for the buyer to respond. That's a lot of time, effort, and money wasted. So I just cancel them now!
  7. Oh, I have all of these warnings and I email them after the auctions end and send friendly reminders and nothing, its like they bid and then leave the country?!?
  8. You can only block people with 2 non paying strikes and those with -1 feedbacks...
  9. i never accept any bidder with 0-5 feedback...and im thinking about changing it to 0-10 so much easier
  10. Yeah, you can't:sad: The only thing you can do is closely monitor your auction. I try to be online whenever an auction ends so I can cancel a bid last minute if I have to. And don't get me wrong, I've had great experiences with new ebayers too. It'sjust that I've had some bad ones that really stand out in my mind. For instance, I once had a bidder with 0 feedback bid $930 on an item and never pay! The fees on that one were like $40 total!!
  11. I know, seriously!!:smile: You have to contact them BEFORE the auction ends, not wait til they win it. I've had pretty good luck with this. If someone with 0 feedback bids without asking, I'll use the contact button on their about me page, and send them a very nice message explaining my past troubles, and asking them to please verify that they really do want this item and will pay for it promptly. I've had some super nice people who then e-mail me back right away, apologize profusely, and then explain how much they want the item. And those buyers always do pay. If they don't respond to me 24 hours before the auction ends, then they're cancelled!
  12. I do allow these bidders to bid, just after they contact me. Some new ebayers are fantastic- we were all there once!:smile:
  13. And they get so flippin mad when you cancel their bid and block them. I always tell them to read the auction page...I state that I will cancel your bid if you have zero feedback unless you email me first. They always seem to miss that part?
  14. I'm sorry, I thought you could block zero feedback bidders! Sorry about that.

    In the future you should probably try putting that rule all over your listing and try removing zero feedback users from your bid history.
  15. The frustrating thing, I find, is having to wait that extra 7 days for them to respond to the dispute! In some cases (like a seasonal handbag) it's just not worth the wait beause you might lose the chance to sell it. . . . But if you don't wait the extra seven days you don't get your fees back and the worst thing is the nonresponsive buyer doesn't get a strike!! Too Unfair!! (I have messaged ebay with a formal complaint about this. - Perhaps if everyone did, they might look at the policy?)