sooo its that time of the month again...

  1. hehe ok not my "monthly friend" butttt I need to figure out what bag i want next!!

    My mommy is coming to visit me in hicklahoma labor day weekend and we are going to be hitting up dallas...

    I honestly dont want an overly expensive bag since where i live, well theres not TONS of bags and I already feel out of place with my collection! So here are my options

    - I can get a bag for classes, do i need it? not really but its cute, cheap and ill be able to get A LOT of other things ;) hehe

    - ive ALWAYS had a special spot in my heart for the princy...but something isnt POPPING about it!

    -i LOVE this one, its just a little small but does it matter? because i have tons of other big bags right? but still someone convince me 800 bucks for a small bag is ok..because i love the duchessa!!

    - this one seems more realistic price wise: the medium duchessa but im not loving the shape...i dont dig the rounded shape sha know?

    - or should i just say screw it i dont need a lot of other goodies ill just get this (and of course clothes and shoes, because everyone knows they dont count towards ur shopping budget, they are NECCESSITIES!)

    keep in mind, im not ready for leather/guccisma yet (soory im just weird about that hehe) and im 24 in law school :smile: I already have the chain, the abbey small and medium with the d link detail, i have two other small purses for going out and two huge totes for school/outings

    THANKS GUYS :smile:
  2. Great choices....but i think i love THE PELHAM the best. Goodluck and have fun shopping with your mom. Let us know which one you ended up getting. :tup:
  3. I'M IN DALLAS!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you have any friends/relatives you'll be visiting or is this for shopping? And what is this "not ready for leather" thing? Girl you are missing out! No but I understand, and out of those choices hmmm I'm not sure. I like the duchessa but that one is too small for me, if it was bigger I'd get it. Then the medium one is something I would get, but I wouldn't use because I wish itd have more style to it. So I guess the pelham! I like it but its not for me. I COULD help you add other bags to your wishlist to confuse you more though...:graucho:
  4. hehe no i have no one in dallas, but i JUST moved by myself to oklahoma and there is like NO shopping out here so i have to come to dallas to get EVERYTHING!!! hehe whats the dallas stores stock look like?? im TOTTALLY leaning towards the duchessa because its so dang cute...then technically im saving money so i can get the matching shoes ;) hehe

    does the dallas store have these in stock?!?! i like the pelham but i have so many large bags and now that i started law school i dont think ill have that much use for them...where as the duchessa i can tottally take clubbing/bar hopping/events sha know?

    and the anti leather thing is just my warped mind!! So i have this thing where i LOVE the canvas and love the bling bling in ur face of it, yea yea yea i know i shouldnt show off but whatever i love it...and i think the guccisma is GEORGY but its a bit sophisticated...honestly i have my whole life to wear something like that but i would feel uncomfy being older wearing soo much in your face canvas you know? i mean i LOVE it on others dont get my wrong and my mom tottally rocks her LV's and Guccis and coachs and dnb and whatever shes on at the moment....but tahts just ME sha know???

    hehe but no bring on the ideas! i have one week to decide!
  5. btw sorry that was so long and oh yeah how is shoppping during laborday?? i know in scottsdale its not THAT bad, but hows it in dallas? do i need to prepare for anything? hehe

  6. I can't remember what shopping is like during labor day..I would guess just crowded is all. The Gucci store at the Galleria is what I would suggest since Neimans/Saks don't have much selection. It's not a huge store (like it doesn't have every single bag you'd see online) but it'd have most of the new ones as well as shoes, some clothes, and luggage. Here are some other choices that aren't leather that I like:
    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]..And I was wondering about the first you think you could carry it on your shoulder? If so I'd totally get it:yes:
    Will you be there the first week of Sept then?
  7. I pick the Pelham
  8. i love the first one, i was actually thinking about getting this too. i think it would be great for school. :tup:
  9. def pelham
  10. As you know I am in dallas too LOL However I really dont like the know I love the duchessa and I would either get the hobo or the first on kneehighz posted... Plus with either of those you can also get the shoes!

    The more and more I am thinking I love the first on Knewhighaz posted because it looks prefessional and chic at the same time! Thats my vote!
  11. I would go for either:
    duchessa - so cute & love the bow with the crest

    and of course the pelham: loved it from the first moment I saw it (and still do)!

    have a great shopping weekend :graucho:!
  12. I think the first would be great for school and is a great price, but if you already have 2 big totes for school, you probably don't need another one. But for the price, you could get 2 bags!!

    I also really like the Princy. I think you could wear that one out a lot. Perfect size for going out; not too big, not too small.

    Pelham is gorgeous - but for the price you could probably get both of the other bags above. Is price is no option, get it! You could probably use it for school and going out.
  13. oh my god you guys gave me WAYYYY to much to think about! ahhhhh

    price is not THAT big of a deal but i know my mom and she'll be like if you get an expensive bag then you get nothing else (picture that in a THICK indian accent a la Apu from Simpsons hehe) so im kinda leaning towards something "cheaper" so i can get a lot of other stuff hehe plus im in school so i dont go outttt that much if i do its clubbing/bars....

    AHHHH i really LOVE the duchessa, but it is tiny ahhhhhh!!! but i LOVE the shoes!
  14. But you could get the bigger ones and the same shoes, it still matches! They both have bows..or you could get the shoes that match those bags specifically. Remember my new shoes that sort of match my bamboo bag?
  15. yeah but the larger size one is HUMUNGOOO!!! i tried it on and it was like yucky! just way to big for me ahhh thisis so very hard i dont knwo what i want\\

    ive always loved the pelham, but my bf hates it and says i have way too many big bags ahhhhh and i kind of dont want to spend more than a grand because my moms paying for so much already! im 24 and i still live of her hahah

    but the circle shaped bag is an option but kinda blah dont know if love it...

    sorry if im rambling!! just so very confused hehe!