Sooo impatient...!

  1. I ordered my blueberry now 6 days ago but they needed an authorisationnumber for my card which takes 72 hours now the card was declined checked with my bank they didn't understand, so I had to ask hubby if I could use his...:push:!
    Hmmm but it was going to take another 72 hours, after doublechecking with the SA she made a mistake in the adress so that's why it didn't work the first time grhhh finally card went thru this morning but there is a postalstrike :cursing:. I asked for fedex my holidays are getting closer....and I want my bag!!!

    I am away for the week-end and not supposed to be next to a computer but being with hubby but I had to steal away to share...let off a bid of steam.
  2. omg i would be having a sh*it attack!!! ahahhhhh! I hope you get it soon, I know I was going crazy over 3 days!!! But once you get it in your hands, all the rest goes out the window!!!
  3. Where did you get the blueberry from?
  4. ahh honey, sorry to hear of all your problems, we are supposedly having a postal strike in the UK, but I have been receiving my parcels no problem, so try not to be too upset, I am sure you will get it in time, and just think how much you will appreciate it when it arrives ;)

  5. Thanks for the encouraging note, dear was supposed to spend a computerfree week-end with hubby and the little one, while away I snagged away to a computer, first thing back home I am on here again, I really need to chill out:wtf:!
    My name is cat and I am a purseforumaholic...grhhh have to run before hubby realizes I am on hre again.