Sooo I returned th perforated zipped shopped....

  1. Okay I was getting a little paranoid, looking at the toggle and the links of the perforated zipped shopper that I got via fed ex yesterday. They were not soldered together and I did not want to have to be worried about what I would be carrying around in my bag (heavy or not).Which would cause the links to seperate even more. :sad: I decided to go with the classic Medallion tote and it is perfect. :yes: Also the color is more a beige gold tone and not as light as the cream. I just got the LV Epi Noi in cream and did not want the same color. I am really happy I made the change.:woohoo:
  2. congrats, post pic please :p
  3. Great choice! Please post pics!!
  4. Beige gold, it sounds delicious!
    Can't wait to see your pics.
  5. Here is a pic of my new Medallian Tote!!
    canel tote medallian.jpg
  6. gorgeous!!!!!
  7. congratz!!
  8. Congrats on your new tote, what a great decision.
  9. Oh my, that color looks gorgeous!!
    Shame that it's just a tiny pic. Do you have a larger pic for us? :biggrin:
  10. very nice
  11. Nice!
  12. Enjoy it...
  13. glad you exchange for something you like. nice bag.
  14. beautiful, congrats!
  15. I love the medallion tote, and IMO, it's nicer looking than the perforated... have fun carrying it, I'm sure you'll get lots of looks! :smile: