SOOO... I got the Matinee!!!

  1. Ok you guys! So i bought the black leather blue suede combo at Nordstrom on sale.

    I am still debating whether to keep it or return it! I love it, but I feel so guilty!
    I think when I go to Nordstrom on Wed to check out the half yearly I will make my decision. I just want it to be perfect! So far I am in :love::love::love:
  2. Oooh congrats! It is a great bag - pics please! :graucho:
  3. Keep it!! Congrats!
  4. I wanna keep it!!!! it is sooooo soft! I love it. I am just wondering if it would be much cheaper at the sample sale. I dont know but I love it!
  5. If it is cheaper at the sale, buy another!! (I'm a total enabler!:yes:)
  6. HAHAHA I totally want to!! that glazed almond/chocolate combo and the chocolate/eggplant look sooooo yummy!
  7. I got that same bag today at Nordstroms!! I went there intending on getting it in the Elephant color, but once I got to the store and compared the bags, I liked the leather on the black bag much better. I wasn't really looking for another black bag, but the blue suede really makes the bag "pop" and the leather is heavenly!! While I loved the color of Elephant much better (and I don't own another bag like it), the leather was just too stiff and hard, and I didn't care for all the natural scuffing (it gave the bag a "used" appearance).

    As far as the sample sale is concerned, I'd be surprised if they were marked down that much more - I think Nordstroms' markdown was somewhere around 35-40%. I did tell the Salesgirl that if they got marked down any further (which she said they probably would, but she didn't know when) to let me know. If they still have the Elephant, I might reconsider getting it. Either that one, or the MAB in Saddle, which was even softer than the black bag (it reminded me a lot of Gustto's Setela bag in caramel - the color and leather are very similar).
  8. I'm dying to know what colors they will have for their Sample Sale. Congrats on the both of you!! Post pics!!