sooo how hard is it to get the monogram groom stuff??

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  1. i was lookin on eluxury earlier today and they had everything and now theyre sold out. i wanna call louis vuitton. but is there like a waiting list like there were for some of their other special lines??;):heart::yahoo:
  2. Every now and then certain pieces pop back up on Eluxury. There shouldn't be a waitlist anymore, but these are limited pieces so your best bet is to call the 866 Vuitton number or head in to your nearest location!
  3. How long is this line going to be available? I'm thinking about buying a piece from that collection.
  4. It should be available until around the end of January or February. That's probably when they'll discontinue it, but there will more than likely still be some pieces left in stores. But elux still has pieces every so often..just try looking at different times of the day, if possible.
  5. okay thanks...i wanted to call tomorrow.....when did this line first come out??
  6. It was launched October 1st...
  7. Ok how can they discontinue something when it's already limited???? they make 5000 pieces of each (im assuming) and when its gone its does it become discontinued...if it's limited doesn't that mean that being "discontinued" is redundant?
  8. I think they should have a good amount left. On Monday, at Valley Fair, I still saw a bunch on display and the SA said that they had about half a dozen left of the cles. Not sure about the other pieces but I saw 4 agendas on display, some wallets, ronde, scarfs, bandeau so I don't really think it's as limited as people make it out to be (at least not yet).
  9. The groom was launched on Sept 25.
  10. LV makes the items on a limited quantity basis. When they run out, that's it. No more fabrication of the items.

    I remember the schpiel with the Cherry Blossom / Murakami line back in the hey-day when there weren't enough items to meet the demand. The problem was that they stuck to that model, making even lews pieces than they do today at the time, and I guess it caught them off guard.

    They lied by saying "it was some production problem in Spain" but it was really like they weren't fully prepared. :wtf:

    When they changed their figures for the CB global retail sales, they actually went back and made more - a rarity for them. But there was sorta ALWAYS a shortage. I know - I wanted something really bad from the line in CB Satin but "Oh well :s"

    But that model still stands - once it's done, it's over. They only make ever so many and then when the supplies finished it's finito. :P

    On another note, the last Perfo line was the opposite of the CB line. They couldn't get rid of 'em. Same goes for the now defunct "Vinyl Satin Scarf' collection. Remember that one? :confused1:

    Betcha no one does b/c no one ever talks about it here in tPF! lol :roflmfao:
  11. lol thanks.
  12. So sorry if I OD-ed on the info!!! :flowers::lol:
  13. 866 can tell you what is left & where to get the pieces you want.
  14. Elux had some on today!
  15. i just feel bad for that little guy...hes soo cute...he looks sad...i just wanna buy something with him on it and take him home. *pout face* lol. im sick in the head. love purses & acces. too much. lol