Sooo Excited

  1. I just ordered my first Balenciaga. The Balenciaga store in NYC is shipping it to me and it will arrive tomorrow. I ordered the Part -time in Marine. I cannot wait!!! Pictures will follow..I promise. ohh one more thing, where can i get charms to dress up my bag? i havent seen them in Neiman Marcus. Thanks for everyones help! you guys are AWESOME
  2. Marine is a great colour! Congratulations! Please post pics when you get it! I think that marine is an under-appreciated colour.

    I think a lot of ladies get their charms on eBay. Some are sold as purse charms, some are sold as jewellery charms. Just look around, maybe post the question on the charm thread that exists.

    I wish you well,

  3. thanks.. i'll look at that thread. I'll def. be posting pics soon!!
  4. Congrats! A very classic choice. I can't wait to see pics! :tup:
  5. :huh:oh how exciting.. .congrats~! Can't wait to see pictures~! ;)
  6. I love/hate the waiting period for a bag to ship to me! It's such an exciting time, though isn't it? Congratulations!

    BTW, there is a charm thread available and lots of ladies get their charms from Juicy, I've noticed.
  7. OMG!!!Congrats!! How exciting
  8. Oh my goodness you must be sooo excited... waiting for a bag can be torture so good luck with the waiting process!! Make sure you post pictures as soon as she arrives...ENJOY and CONGRATS!!
  9. congrats on your first bbag! i'm sure it won't be your last ;)

    waiting is the worst part, but it's always worth it.

    as for charms, some people buy them on evilbay, and others use LV, coach, MJ and other brand keychains. i love my tokidoki red pepper keychain hooked onto my french blue twiggy. i'm only now getting into bag charms/bag candy, but i'm finding that bbags in particular look fab with adornment!
  10. Congrats on your first bbag. I can't wait to see pics. Marine is a gorgeous color.
  11. Yayy great choice, marine is such a beautiful color! Looking forward to some pics once you receive it.
  12. Ohhh soo exciting:happydance:. I love the PT style and Marine is such a beautiful color. Share pics when you get it...:tup:
  13. :yahoo: Congrats!!!
    Now the waiting......I hope it gets to you very soon!!
    Post pics so we can all drool!!:drool:
  14. i couldnt sleep last night. today is the day!! i will post pics soon
  15. Has it come yet?

    Where are those photos?

    Don't tease such a large audience!