Sooo excited!

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  1. Ok, so some weeks back I bought my latest bag crush (a black Dior mini gaucho) but as yet I haven't had an appropriate opportunity to take it out :sad: as I don't like to take designer bags to work (there's nowhere secure to keep them) and I didn't want to take it to a pub or club where it could get beer spilled all over it and would come out stinking of smoke. But this weekend I am going for lunch and then shopping at Harrods :nuts: with my best friend, and I'm taking my new baby out into the world for the very first time!!! :yahoo: Can't wait!!!
  2. Yayyy that's a great feeling, taking a bag out for the first time!
  3. I took out a new bag today too, it is a great feeling. I have had it for almost two months now. First, I was waiting because it wasn't summer time yet (it's a white bag), and then I was waiting because the weather was always bad (again, because it's a white delicate!) I actually figured out a way to open the bag today with touching only the hardware :P

    Enjoy your day out with your baby!
  4. Enjoy it and try not to get too paranoid about it!
  5. Aww Lovley :biggrin:
    Yeah, lovley bag too, Want one hehe, (sadly my boyfriend Gary said that I am on bag ban :sad:
    Hehe Good Luck