sooo excited trevi pm tomorrow!!

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  1. I have wanted a trevi pm for such a long time...but figured my hubby banned me for the rest of the year..but just found out he is going to pick one up tomorrow...I can hardly contain myself!!! Just had to tell Someone!!!
  2. Oh, congrats, congrats!! I just got my Trevi PM on Monday and I'm loving it -- I know you'll love yours.
  3. Wow, this bag is seriously popular here! Congrats on the new baby! Of course, do show her off once you get her. You lucky lady! Enjoy her well.
  4. Congrats, how exciting!
  5. can't wait to see it!!
  6. Of course! I will post pics as soon as she comes home!!!!
  7. Congratz! Enjoy your new beauty. ;)
  8. congrats! bet u won't be able to sleep tonight!! :graucho:
  9. That is nice of your husband. Enjoy your new bag.
  10. congrats on your new trevi ;) I totally relate to the excitement.
  11. Congrats on your new trevi. I got my trevi this past Sunday (exchanged my Tivoli GM to the trevi PM). I love it! I have not used it yet though. Please do post pics when you get it. Yepee....:happydance:

  12. sure will petunia!! I know i won't be able to sleep at all tonight...have to wait till he comes home from work though....but I don't care if it's midnight!!!! I will take at least 1 pic! ;)
  13. aww, that's great! congrats on your trevi pm...! everyone here will be waiting anxiously for its arrival!
  14. Congratulations!! It truly is a joy to own.
  15. that's so sweet of him! can't wait to see it!