sooo cute

  1. i really want that. that's the cutest thing i think ever...


    i dont lust over keyfobs but i :love: this!!
  2. Yes, very tasty looking:tup: I think I seen this at the outlet. (could be wrong) I'm check again.
  3. That is really cute./ I like the candy on but they are really expensive. Maybe I can get a good discount on it at PCE.
  4. Although I agree that some of the keyfobs are SO my opinion they have absolutely nothing to do with what Coach was/is all about and I feel it is just a way for them to make more money. What does candy, fruit, turtles, owls, fish etc. have to do with Coach?

    Please don't slam me -- I absolutely love Coach and have for over 25 years and have quite a collection but not in keyfobs. I do have the mutli handbag charm keyfob from a year or two ago but that WAS handbags and I could not resist that one.
  5. ^^^ I can relate. I have one keyfob and I love it, but it's pretty simple. The legacy one with colours that match the lining of my legacy bags.

    I do love looking at all the cute keyfobs and charms, and i think esp. the leather ones are very clever and well crafted, but I'm perfectly satisfied looking at all the precious ones you ladies post. I've thought about getting more keyfobs or a charm, but I know I'll never decorate my bags with them and i can't be bothered to change out my keys.

    As for the "more money" thing, of course they're trying to make more money. All companies are. If they find something that people love, they're going to ride the wave. Most companies make keychains for their bags, Channel and LV included.
  6. Very nice. I like it too but the one I'm lusting after is the watermelon coin purse.
  7. I agree with this, I just think they're so expensive. I've had the same two coach keyfobs forever and I got them both at the outlet. I just got a C charm, but I think that's going on eBay, just not me

    but lots of these gals on here just love them, I just think I'm too old for it all (even though I know I'm not)
  8. I would be careful about that keyfob, the last time I was in the boutique I looked at that and the fruit lanyard and on both the enamel was chipping off the top of the dome of the cherries.:crybaby:
  9. I agree, they are wayyyy too much in the store, but I got the cute rainy day charm on eBay for $15, so I had to snatch it up!!
  10. It is very cute! :love: But right now, I really want the candy one & the toucan!
  11. I think that one is cute too...I was debating against that one and the Meadow Mix that I have on order. I also really like the candy one. I wasn't a big fan of them at first either but they are starting to grow on me...don't think I would ever pay full price for one though.
  12. I love that keyfob and I am going to buy this to go with it!!

  13. Oh that keyfob is so cute!^-^
  14. LOL ^^

    I only like a very very few of them. I think a lot of them just aren't cute...the ones I get are the ones I know I'm going to use for quite awhile...not just this season.
  15. LIBlue you'll start a new fad, :tup:

    I think you will be quite IN STYLE with that hat and your charm :lol:

    I like the leather ones best but think they are all cute and I'm old, hee hee.