SOOO cute, but OUCH...

  1. Can you feel my pain by just looking at the pictures??? My feet look like they are about to explode. My new Nude Patent Ballerinas are gorgeous, but dang, they hurt. I don't even think it's the size as much as the cut and/or fit. I want to keep them, but the whole purpose of getting the flats was to have a cute everyday shoe because I can't be wearing my heels all the time. lol Man, I seem to be striking out a lot with CLs lately. :crybaby:
    ouch 003 467x350.jpg ouch 006 467x350.jpg
  2. Wow they are cute... but you do look a bit uncomfy! Sorry....
  3. I tend to agree. You want flats for comfort! Unless you are very tall and need to wear them for dressy occasions. They do look a little like they may hurt accross the toe span, does it? I hate it when that happens!
    I was suppose to get my foxtrots today and they did attemp to deliver. However, my father who is deaf in one ear and has Alzheimers, did not go to the door.I will leave early and run by the PO on the way to my sales meeting in the morning. I was so hoping to see them when I got home!! I want to wear them tomorrow night dang na bit! I feel like a child on Christmas Eve.
    With all of the beautifull shoes you have there is ni need to suffer. Let me know what you plan to do. Good Luck!
  4. LOL!!! Do you think they will "break in" ? I love them, they look cute, but I hate uncomfortable flats, its like an oxymoron, lol
  5. They are cute! I'm sorry they hurt!! It seems like maybe your feet are a little wider than the shoe? This happens to me sometimes..I hate it. Do you think they would fit better if you sized up maybe half a size?
  6. Noe, they are! lol

    cjy, I can't wait to see pics!!!

    Lo, you are so right, it is an oxymoron! I don't think they will break in much. They are really uncomfy right now, so I think I may have to return them. They didn't have the next size up for me to even try them. boo hoo hoo!
  7. priiin, my foot in general is wider at the toes, and then I have really skinny heels. Makes it hard to find a good fit.
  8. CL flats are, in my limited experience, NEVER comfortable. I have a pair that I've worn...once. They have been banished to the deepest darkest section of my shoe cabinet, never to be worn again.
  9. My foot is the same, the toes are wider but the rest of my foot is pretty slender. I hope something works out!!
  10. My CL flats are pretty sorry yours are not.
    they were TTS for me.
    After a long day with them on my pinky toe hurts a little but thats because its a little fat pinky toe lol
    Maybe somthing like a Lavin flat might be better for seems to be more stretchy around the toe box.
  11. LMBO!
  12. But but but...they aren't Christian Louboutins. lmbo!
  13. sometimes if you have a high arch wearing flats can actually hurt! maybe all the four inch heels have extended you arch? :p but after a few wears, i find that most shoes become less uncomfortable. do you mind if i ask you where you got these...?
  14. That stinks! They are really cute, but yeah they look a tad tight at least in the first photo. I'm sure another pair will come along!

    I love CLs, but I have never tried any of the flats and don't plan on doing so. Some of the most comfy flats I own are Chanel (k I own 2 pairs of flats total excluding my 2 pairs of Pumas LOL). Perhaps try those or Lanvin as somebody else suggested.
  15. I totally agree, the cut of some toe boxes can be excruciating.