sooo addictive

  1. dont you find this place soooo addictive!!
    I should be revising for a PHYSICS :cry: exam that ive got tomorrow and i just cant prise myself away...

    gawd dammit!!! i neeeed to go and revise but i just dont want to :sad: im going to fail the exam unless do physics all day and night now and its already 2pm here. *stupid me for choosing physics eh!!*
  2. I know , same here:rolleyes:
    I probably shouldn´t say that, but when I am not too busy at work -like now- I keep the PF on in a corner window......wooops:sneaky:
    And then connect again at home !! BF just says "talking handbags again ?"
    but he´s cool.:amuse:
  3. you're not alone...last month it took me 7 hours to write my final paper for my class because i kept taking "breaks" to look at tPF...when it would normally take me less than 2 hours to write a paper like that...

    haha...and at work i hunt down the residents that i'm cool with and have them log me online (so i can go on tPF when i'm bored). i'm sick.
  4. :yes:
  5. yup...totally addicted here too. I moved last week and had no internet for 5 days....first place I logged onto was here.
  6. I am starting to dream about this place. I do not much all day and night but sit on my computer on the PF and talk about bags!!!!! God, I really gotta clean my house!!!!!! :smile:
  7. Yikes! I spend far too much time here! I've been on medical leave from work and spend as much time as I want to on the boards; however, I return to work on Monday and won't be able to dedicate so much of my time here.:sad:

    But I do love this place!:biggrin:
  8. Just like LAys u cant just eat one, well in this case cant just post one
  9. This place was totally my haven during exam period, but I find that it can really help you unwind as well ! Just think of it as a treat. ;)
  10. yer lol ive only been back at revision for an hour and already back :S
    ahh well! dont think im going to pass it anyways but i do feel more confident than i did this morning.
    My teacher called us in to teach the rest of the module!!! THE TEST IS TOMORROW!!! and we should have finished it over a MONTH AGO!!!
    i was sooo wound up over it! cant wait unitl tomorrow, physics is my last and hardest exam but then its back to school on monday *argh*
  11. i go here at least 4x a day.. n my dissertation is sitting on the table.. hmm.. hehe
  12. it`s finals week and I'm here at least 5 times a day :amuse::amuse: usually a lurker tho :shame:. loveeee this place bcuz it`s my only source for my passion for bags :heart:.
  13. log off the forum. go study hard. ace your test. graduate with honors. get an amazinging job. buy lots of bags.
  14. I am on here way too much! I usually just leave it up and just keep checking in throuhout the day while I am at work! So while I am talking to clients, I can just take a peek!

    This place is totally addictive!
  15. Yep. I'm on here wayyy too much too. Every night my bf would ask me " So what did your Purse loving friends talk about today?"