SOOO 60s MOD! black & beige vernis fleur lexington!

  1. IS MINE!

    (brand NEW as well!!!)


    well, it's not actually for me. I bought it for my mom, for her birthday, which is coming up on April 7th.

    is anyone here familiar with Mary Quant's designs? when I look at the Fleur Lexington, all I see is her mod flowers on miniskirts from the swingin 60s!

    my mom's favourite lipstick, back in the day, was by Mary Quant - but guess which little brat went into mommy's vanity and ruined that very lipstick? :sad:

    this bag is my peace offering to her. :love:

    do you think she'll like it?!
  2. AWWWW! How sweet. Flowers that last forever.
  3. Congrats! I love the Fleur Lexingtons, the black with white flowers is my favorite :heart:
  4. Love the Fleur Lexingtons!!
  5. awww how cute! I bet your mom will be so happy!
  6. That's a great present :smile:
  7. Great purchase!! The fleurs lexington retain their value quite well. Good job!! She'll love it.
  8. That's real sweet of you and I'm sure your mom will be thrilled, especially with all the thought you put into it! Congratulations!
  9. Did you get the one from eBay? It looked fab.
  10. Aww that's a really sweet present :smile:
  11. Aaaaw... she'll love it!
  12. Why don't I see nothing???:confused1::crybaby:
  13. How sweet, and a very nice peace offering. :graucho: I'm sure she'll like it !
  14. the fluers lexington is a spectacular looking bag, what a generous daughter you are!
  15. I'm sure she will love it! It IS a seriously mod bag!