***Soon to splurge £200 on impulse goodies – what to buy!?**

  1. For :heart: Valentine’s Day:heart: me and my bf are off to Edinburgh for a romantic get a way :yahoo: – it’s pretty last minute but I’ve managed to hoard £200 to spend in the LV store (which will indeed also be my first time in an actual store – I’ve bought all my goodies off louisvuitton.com so far!!)

    I’ll probably be looking for the smaller things, such as a mono pochette or another cles (I adore cute & tiny things) – but whatever I choose I’d like it to be memorable of my trip to Edinburgh ;)

    I’d greatly appreciate it if you guys could persuade me by listing what you’d personally buy with £200 and why?

    TIA :idea:
  2. You could always get the heart purse (if they have any) as it will always remind you of valentines - both multicolore and pomme d'armour are £175. Perhaps other vernis small items? Ludlow is £170. But the Pochette Accessoires is £140 I think, and I would suggest the azur if you go for that as it is coming up to summer. Not sure what else, Wapity perhaps?
  3. get a heart coin purse in white perle...
  4. W-hey! A response! Thank you:winkiss: You've given me a few things there to think about! I like the idea of the heart purse, but I'm not sure if it will be functional for the price. Never been too keen on Damier, but the Azur may be nice in summer...I'm saving up for the vernis pochette wallet to buy in April, so until then I won't be buying any wallets/purses as it will defeat the point. I do like the wapity and I also like vernis - maybe I'll just choose what I'm most attracted to in the store.....can't help but want another cles though...:amuse:
  5. Cles are useful, but go for something different!!!:-P
  6. Hi, how exciting, I'm from Edinburgh and love the store (going this friday to get my BH:yahoo: ) If i was you I would buy a heart purse:love: in multicolour or maybe a scarf - gorgeous to keep you wrapped up in chilly Edinburgh. Congrats enjoy your stay and make sure you post what tou buy - can't wait:yes: :smile:
  7. Sounds fun! The scarf or bandeau is an excellent idea...unless you're dead set on a bag of some kind. I apologize for not being up on it all but there's the bandeau that pf'rs have been getting recently, that comes in blue, grey or red (my fav) that I just love...and you could put it on your vernis pochette once you get that!
  8. If you could manage to save up an extra £100 you could get a speedy 25 in mono, damier or azur that would be a great reminder for your trip or maybe even an antigua cabas pm or sac rabat for £285

    But other suggestions within budget are:-
    Epi Pochette £180
    Wapity Mono £135
    Credit Card Holder in Mono (super functional) £63
    Denim Speedy Case PM £165 (or that flat pouch in denim this is really big and could be used as a clutch)
    Cruise Denim Trousse Raye £205 (Limited Edition and could also be used as a clutch)
    MC Pouchette MM £165
    MC Wapity £170
  9. I love Edinburgh! Have fun!
  10. Oh JenniNick Edinburgh is fabulous isn’t it! I wish I lived up there, I love it!!
    Since you’re a visitor to their store with first hand experience, can you tell me how big the store is and also if they have a large selection of the smaller goodies/agendas? Also, do you think I’ll be able to get my hands on the heart purse up there? I’m only in town for the 14th and 15th of Feb! *fingers crossed* (if that’s what I decide to go for)…:love:
  11. I would either get a Wapity, Damier Pochette, or a Pomme Heart Coin Purse. :biggrin:
  12. Hi, The store isn't the biggest, although they do have a fairly large section to cater for shoes and then at the other side it's all bags baby:wlae: and other goodies, I was in just before Christmas and they did have a nice selection of wallets and other devine goodies!! As I say I'm going to the store this Friday and will be able to find out if they have any heart purses or any of the others you have asked about, Im pretty sure they will:yahoo: I can't wait and I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!! You could always phone customer services and ask if the have any in- If you want i will give you the number for the Edinburgh store. BTW where are you staying, near the store?( The shop is in perfect location right next door to Harvey Nichols)
  13. Well, I have a cousin who has an apartment down the Royal Mile (it’s gorgeous - but she’s in the process of moving elsewhere) so for both nights I’m there I’ll be staying in ‘Harbour Apartments’ – I have no idea what to expect!! (Have you heard any reviews?) Visiting an actual LV store for the first time (and in Edinburgh no less) will be the icing on the cake for me! I’m so excited. Really can’t wait. Thanks for offering the store number, but I've just tracked it down off the LV site - is there any point phoning now, or should I leave it a few days closer to when I'm going? Make sure you keep in touch as soon as you arrive home with your BH on Friday :yahoo: (and hopefully some news on the stock levels of the heart purse!)
  14. Not heard much about the appartments other than that they are very modern, but I'm sure they will be lovely - Leith right? Don't worry I cant wait to get my BH and will be sure to tell you everything and post pics! Emm you can phone now if you want - don't suppose it will make much difference, although it might give them a liitle more time to locate a purse for you:shrugs: I hope your first Louis experience is really nice - Im sure it will be all the SA's seem really nice here and have always helped me when Ive been in or phoned the store:yes: Your cousin is really lucky to have an appartment on the Royal Mile probably the most amazing plave to live in the city centre:yes: Im further out in Barnton , Jen
  15. Hi Infernal_Russ, I heard people are waitlisted with the vernis heart (according to my SA people started crazy now :wtf: ) but saw a multicolour one last week, so call them if you are interested to get hold it for you. I would get some scarfs or the pastilles key ring (use as bracelet as well) to personalised your bags~ :love: