Soon to Have $$ Which To Buy...

  1. As some of you know I am liquidating my collection to upgrade to bigger limited edition bags (as opposed to have pochettes + cles that I don't use). Now my dilemma is which bag/bags to buy!

    I estimate that I'll have around 2500 to spend (I was bad and already pre-spent 1K of it on my papillon). And I already bought my cherry blossom papillon.

    Some of the bags that I've lusted over forever are the silver graffiti speedy (but there are never any around that are mint), eye bags (the bigger ones), mono rivets bag, mono stephen.

    What would you buy (it has to be a limited bag)?

    I'm also not worried about waiting to fall. I know I'll buy one fall bag (probably a speedy) so that is already in the budget.
  2. Silver graffiti Speedy!
  3. Mono Stephen!
  4. Mono stephen!!!! I'm so in love with that bag:heart: :smile: get it~N, you won't regret it!!!
  5. My vote is for the Eye Need You.
  6. The eye need you is beautiful.
  7. mono stephen
  8. Oh many choices!

    The silver graffiti would be the ultimate (and I'd have $ left over for some smaller LE items I need) but I'm afraid I won't be able to wait for a mint one to come along....I'm so impatient when I have money to burn!

    The Eye Need You....that's the larger retro-style one right? Hmmm...I'll have to check out eBay!

    Ahhh the Stephen....I tried it on in the store...and it is HUGE...but so cool looking! I probably couldn't find one new anymore could I?

    What about mono rivets? Are those still around?
  9. the silver graffiti and the eye need you are both much more limited than the other 2. I would go for one of these!
  10. go for a Graffiti Speedy first! it's the one that started it all :yes:

    im pretty sure the Sac Retro style is called Eye Love You.
  11. eye love you or mono stephen
  12. The Eye bag!
  13. I would pick either the Mono Rivets Bag or the Mono Stephen.
  14. I would pick the mono stephen, it is a very cool bag, my other choice would be a silver graffitti speedy- love that bag. It might be a challenge to find one in very good condition though.
  15. Anyone have a picture of the mono stephen? I don't know what that is, but I will try to do a search for it. I am not a big fan of the eye bags, although I do love multicolore. I LOVE the leather rivets bag and since that bag is $$$ the mono would be a good substitute. Although, if you have anything else to sell, the leather rivets bag would be spectacular!