Soon to be new to Prada!


Jan 16, 2008
Hello everyone, I'm Louislover260, and I am very interested in joining the wonderful world of Prada! I want to start slow, so I'm thinking of buying a Nylon Prada bag. I'm a guy, so something manly is a must. I wanted something crossbody for travel and shopping, but a tote would be terrific too! I'm just not sure what too look for in these bags. I figured I would buy it used or from Off the 5th. I also wanted some neat accesories to go with it as well, I would need a key holder, coin holder and something too put my camera in. But I have no idea what to look for, or the names for anything, or if there are any quality issues I should be aware of. So I'm hoping that some of you fine folks could give me a crash course in everything Prada! Perhaps some men with modelling pics?! Any and all help is greatly appreciated!


Aug 17, 2006
Hi louislover260 welcome to the Prada Forum. Not a guy so can't help you out, but if you go to Saks to the Men's section they have lots of messenger Prada's over there, well at least they used to.

Nylon Prada is essentially indestructable and I clean any spots on mine w/ BabyWipes.