Soon To Be Momma of Twins!

  1. Hey everyone,

    I just found this board, it's very busy! I thought I would stop in and introduce myself. My name is Jessica and my fiance and I are about to have twins.. well I'm only 17 weeks, but they'll be here before we know it!

    This looks like such a great forum and I look forward to being a part of it!
  2. Welcome and congrats!!! How exciting to be having twins! will you be finding out the sex in a couple weeks?
  3. Welcome and congrats!!!!
    ohhhh! i was wishing for twins eveytime I got pregnant! LOL!

    Take care! :heart:
  4. Welcome and congrats!
  5. Thanks! My last ultrasound which was Jan 29th it looked like we have a boy and a girl... my next one is scheduled for Feb 29th so we'll find out for sure then. I can't wait!
  6. ^ How perfect, one of each! lol I can't believe you found out that early btw...I'm jealous! I'm dying to know! ;)
  7. We're not ready to start trying yet, but I'm praying for twins - a boy and a girl!

    Congrats to you and DF and welcome!
  8. congrats! I'm a twin Mommy too, it's fantatsic!

    We found out ours were both boys @ 16 weeks :biggrin: they're 3.5 now.
  9. Such wonderful've been doubly blessed!!
    Welcome to the forum!!:flowers:
  10. awww!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

    Like Sarsi, everytime I get pregnant, I wish I'd be having twins. hee hee
  11. How lovely! Welcome and congratulations. :flowers:
  12. Congrats and welcome!!! Multiples are so fun!!
  13. Congratulations and welcome! You'll find lots of great advice and support here.
  14. welcome and congrats!!! i would LOVE tohave twins!! how exciting for you!
  15. congrats and welcome! it was my dream that i have twins when i got pregnant but that didnt happen. LOL