Soon-To-Be Godmother

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  1. My cousin and her fiance are planning on getting their son baptized before his first birthday, which is January 2nd. They've asked me to be his Godmother and I'm thrilled!

    Now my question is... what kind of gift to I give him for his baptism?

    I'm not entirely sure that I want to give money, but if I did, how much would be appropriate?

    What other type of gift would be appropriate for this occasion/situation?
  2. Not knowing your budget, would $100 be possible and you can say it's to start the baby's college fund?

    I'd probably look for something that could be engraved or embroidered with baby's name so it's a keepsake. There are some cute baby/very young-oriented Bible story books if you want to have something additional to wrap and present to them for the baby.
  3. I agree with Boxermom. If you can, $100. You can also ask for the baby's social # and get a savings bond from the bank. I think a $100 bond costs about $70.

    Feel special, it's great being a godmother!
  4. I had the same situation earlier in the year in the end I gave them money I wanted to set up a child trust fund but they have something already so it didn't make sense to have 2 accounts gaining a little interest when 1 bigger acount would gain more.
  5. Money sounds good, if not, a nice bracelet with the child's name is a great gift idea too =)